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Letter for my Grandpa Born 5/20/34

Hi Gramps!


Hello! I want to first thank everybody for coming tonight. If it weren’t for each and every one of you this surprise just wouldn’t have been so big & special. (Grandpa’s 70 Birthday party)

The hardest part of the planning for a party this big was actually the time we took being away from you during the weekends. We all would get together, work on details… but something big was missing, your presence.
However, we wanted you to know how much you mean to us all, how much we care about you. We all have so much love in our hearts that originated from you Grandpa. You cared and loved us first!

I am so fortunate to stand up here today as Joe’s 1st grandchild. So I am going to take this opportunity to tell him what he has done for me personally.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to Thank you! For being such a great, great, great, o.k—grandma gets mad when I add too many greats, so I’ll just say a tremendous great grandpa to my daughter-Marisa. I am so blessed that you are giving her exactly what you gave me so many, well not that many years ago.
When I see her sitting on your lap, in yall’s chair just hanging out, sleeping, playing I remember how good that felt. This tremendous trust, love, I felt so worthy! Then I see you repeating that with my daughter. I realize you didn’t just give me the greatest gift in my childhood, but you continue to give me that gift through out my life, as you give it to my daughter. You are one of the most important people in my life. I hope you know that! My days are always happier because of you!

For the while I lived in Plano, I realized what I was missing every time you & grandma would visit. We always have had so much fun together. You are one fun grandpa! From all of your childhood stories, I hear I can see that you have never changed from that mischievous little boy who kept your family “entertained.” Thank you for teaching me & my daughter all the important things in life. How to blow huge bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles. How to cheat @ card games. Thank you for playing hopscotch with Marisa & I, there are not many grandpa’s who take that kind of time out. That is you, though, always taking time out for the one’s you love. That is why there are so many people here tonight. I know when the world is crazy I can always depend on you, to help it make sense again. You take the simple things in life and make me see what is really important. I know it is important to
• Take the time to eat a donut with a friend!
• Have coffee & sweet bread with your loved ones, even though you always brag, Gramps,  because you know where all the good sweet bread places are.
• Walk around Woodlawn lake with your grandchild, throw rocks, peel oranges, oh yeah and most importantly always stop at the ice cream man!—Who happens to give you extra Raspa juice, because you took the time to make him your friend.
The funny thing is you’ve never stopped being this amazing man, you did it for me, and you do it for my daughter. I hope you realize how those things & I just named a few we could be here all night, how those things affected my life. Now that I am getting up their in age, I have started to thing about my existence, as we all do, or will! I realize a lot of the important things I learned, and am still learning are from you. My life is better because of you!!

Thank the Lord, you are my Grandpa! Happy 70th birthday!

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