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True friends! To: my daughter~

Marisa since you were born, I have tried to show you how to be true to yourself.


So why would you ask for anything less from a friend? A true friend would not give you less than that.

True friends are understanding because you can both see from the same heart. When one can see as your heart does, and understands their is a special bond there… that makes a true friend.

True friends are trustworthy not just because they care but also because they realize trust is not something that comes easy. But with true friends trust is likely because only with faith in another will the relationship grow and flourish.

True friends are honest with their feelings and with each other. Friends can only be more true when they are able to be honest with another and do/say what is right and stay away from what is wrong.

Their are few we can be straightforward with in this world, but a true friend will.

True friends are LOYAL, they stick by you no matter what; they don’t let anyone persuade them to believe stories or mishaps because they know in their heart you are faithful to them too…

Faith is the strongest thing in this world because there will ALWAYS be doubt. Without faith…you will live with fear, when you live with fear you will have nothing.

You tell me, have you really lost any true friends after all?

Written for my daughter April 29, 2010 when she was almost 13 years old. 🙂

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