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A Letter to Daniel Trevino Best Dad EVER

Dear Dad,

Since the beginning of time when I was just that little girl with all that hair and small face, I have felt your love. Everyday of my life I am thankful, I feel blessed, knowing you are my dad. Today is Father’s Day, so I thought I should let you know today, how I feel about you everyday!

Growing up I had so many hard times, as you did as well. The fact is though is that we have always stuck by each other, and that is why we got through all the hard times. It wasn’t just the enormous love; it was the determination throughout the struggles that kept us on the right path. I am so proud of who I am today, I know I am an inspiration to my children to be their best; and it is because of you I am who I am.

Thank you for taking all the responsibilities you took [being a single dad] so seriously. You never made me feel I was in an inadequate home. You did your best to make Spaghetti, Hamburger Helper, Manwich, and always tried to throw in green beans…and anything else you felt I needed to help me grow. You always washed my clothes and never made me feel you didn’t have it all covered. You will always be my superman!!!

I will always remember you being so happy when I was growing up, even if it was hard you didn’t show it. You always smiled and joked with me, and made me realize that life is about having fun and having a good sense of humor everyday!!! I still can see your face in the morning sometimes being so goofy trying to get me out of my “I am NOT a morning person” mood.

I know I was a huge trouble maker as a child 😉 You were always being called by principles, teachers, nuns, the police… but you never made me feel like I was a bad person, you just wanted me to snap out of it. Guilt was not something I needed and you never directed that unproductive shame on me. Thank you! Thanks for always reminding me how special I was and allowing me to be whoever I felt I had to be for that moment. You never made me feel I was wrong for finding myself. You always gave me the freedom to explore… from painting my room dark…to carrying around a cool “pink box” and it was you who helped me to stay connected to my creative genius side. You never made me feel like I had to conform to the “norm,” even if it was slightly embarrassing for you to have the “wild child” you stood by me; almost as if you knew it was something I had to do; to find Michele!

You will never know how important you are to me, and how much of a factor you have played on me being able to be such an awesome parent, as you were to me. I see the goodness in my children and I see you Dad, I could never thank you enough, but I will spend the rest of my life trying.

All my love, Michele

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