30 RANDOM Michele Facts:

  1. My mom and dad had me at a young age, so my children are the same age as my siblings; I grew up as an only child.
  2. I was blessed to have an awesome set of grandparents on both sides of my family, so they taught me the importance of family, sticking by one another, loyalty,forgiveness, and giving to your children before yourself is an important part to play in my life.
  3. i have never been afraid of being myself, whoever or whatever I feel you will know because I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I have 100% faith in myself, and if people think I am crazy for showing how i feel, they can take a hike.  I may not always make the right decisions, but I will learn from my mistakes so I can teach another why it didn’t work for me.
  4. Growing up, I was a huge dreamer and I still am.  I believed in Santa Clause till I was 13 yrs old, and feel it is important that my children never stop dreaming and follow their dreams; despite what the world may tell them.
  5. I have never shut down my inner child, I enjoy laughing, giggling, being immature, laughing at Fart apps on my droid, yelling with my kids at the top of our lungs to hear own echos in abandoned buildings, and making sure I see every thing as if I have seen it for the first time, even if I have seen it before.
  6. I am always happy, everyone I know can vouch for this!  It doesn’t take much to make me smile, I find corny jokes hilarious because I don’t just wait for the punch line; I enjoy the moment, the expression, and the effort.  I am always laughing or making others laugh.
  7. I married my first real love as a child (teen), we were 18 when we got married.  I married him after 6 months of knowing him (i forgot to mention I am very impulsive).
  8. If i am going to do anything, I am not going to do it 1/2 I am going to put everything I have into it, if I don’t feel i can give 100% then i usually ditch the deal.   I quit my job as a caseworker at Child Protective Services for this main reason.  I had been there approximately 2 years and after a month of realizing i couldn’t give 100% to my job and my children I made my decision.  AND why this questionnaire has to be soooo indepth LOL
  9. I put my children first, my family 2nd, and my friends 3rd… therefore i don’t get to spend as much time with my friends as I wish. 🙁
  10. I am always positive, if a situation is bad… i always see the light at the end of the tunnel and seldom am upset.
  11. I am proud that I can say that I have run a complete marathon.  It took me 5 hours but hey, who can actually say they have run 26.2 miles without stopping!  I trained hard in order to complete it, and i did it!  I hope to one day to it again.
  12. My grandmother is like my 2nd mom, she helped my dad a lot when with me when i was growing up once my parents divorced, so she doesn’t stop playing that role to this day.  My grandma is extremely involved in my life and is the most selfless woman I know; I kinda feel she should be a Saint. <3
  13. My pregnancy with Marisa was hard, I was on bed rest for 4months, she wanted to come out early .  After numerous miscarriages,my pregnancy with Jay was even harder with bed rest from the beginning.  My last pregnancy with Mymy was a little better with minimum bed rest. *Bed rest definitely takes determination and discipline.  All babies were born at 37 weeks the day I was taken off bed rest and meds they all came.
  14. I love to be scared, enjoy ghost, the afterlife, haunted establishments, and I enjoy the spiritual world, I enjoy learning Tarot, I believe certain people in this world are gifted more than others in this realm; and I feel very “intune” to my intuitive side; and I am usually right!   No kidding.  I also love to face my fears; I find it eliminates them 🙂
  15. My days in high school were so much I enjoyed dressing up like Madonna, shocking people, and being called Madonna by everyone.  I had a lot of friends and a lot of fun; I miss it.
  16. I am very obsessive when it comes to work, I am organized and anal 😉 I go above and beyond as an employee; as most of my past employers would say 😉 I am a great team player and often help others do their work.
  17. I am an awful housekeeper, and hate cleaning the home and doing laundry.  i didn’t always hate it, but with the increase in kids; time is soo precious and I’d rather not spend it doing housework. **but who would 🙂
  18. I am extremely creative, I like to write, express myself, and make things other people never even thought of.  I’d rather put together an outfit than buy an already put together one.
  19. I love music and wanted to be a famous singer when I grew up.  I have a professional demo made of myself, and still enjoy singing; however my vocal chords are not as flexible and in shape as they use to be.  oh yah, and i love Eminem lol… he has pulled himself out of the poop hole and never let himself stop from being who he wants to be.  He also shares his life with others and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks or says about him.
  20. When I was 22 years old, I was approached by a scout from Latina Magazine.  She walked up to me while my family and i were having dinner, she told me she was very interested in my look for their magazine and would hope i would give her a call.  She gave me her business card, I found out i was pregnant with Marisa the week before, so never called her. 🙁  (i still have her card though LOL)
  21. I have 2 Godchildren, Moses and Andy.  I love them both; but hardly get to see them as much as I would like.
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  23. I am a sister to Nina who is 17 years old, Kaitlin who is 16, Danny who is 14 and Clarissa who is 6 yrs old.
  24. My mother is gorgeous, she is funny–hilarious, cooky– and I am just like her, and very proud!
  25. My Aunt Jeannine who we call Auntie is a very important person in my life, I always felt she was so beautiful inside and out.  I love to spend time with her and consider her one of my favorite past times.  We love to talk about crime, stories, death, the news–celebrity section that is, the afterlife, spiritual experiences especially our own , our mistakes, our future, and best of all we vent to each other, and always have each others back with out judgment.
  26. I use to skateboard, really good too.  i use to skate street and ramp and a little freestyle but not much. I think that is where my strong calf muscles came from.  I use to skate back in the days when Bones Brigade was the skit.  hee hee
  27. I love saltwater taffy and cotton candy, my favorite drink is Big Red although I love water and sweet tea also.
  28.  I am always hot, I keep my ac on 67 and love cold weather
  29. My best friend Danette and I have been best friends since 4th grade and use to practically live together she was at my house or I was at hers almost every day in the summer and even during the school days we had sleep overs, my parents were like hers, and hers were like mine!  To this day we can tell each other anything.  We had so much fun growing up, we enjoyed each others company, and were just ourselves… we’ve grown so much throughout the years but still we are so much the same.
  30. I am sooooo ADD, I am easily distracted; i forget what I am saying, and I have an extremely hard time concentrating on things especially things i don’t find interesting.  Therefore, it was extremely hard for me to get my degree, especially having to take statistics… I had to be extremely disciplined to get that chapter done!
  31. I am extremely passionate because my mother showed we what passion was all about.  She is a passionate soul; she lives to feel music, food, drink, laughter, work, friends, life; she doesn’t just live she definitely thrives.

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