Love, Decisions, Life…

Love, Decisions, Life, Thinking, can’t sleep… rambling~

Sometimes, after we lose certain people in our lives, they take a part of us with them that will never again be found.  How do we continue on our journey, with the part of us that we have always held in our souls no longer dwelling within?  The part of us that we say goodbye to,  is it the part of us that we are not ready to face or is it the part of us that we need to learn more about; how do we assure we are not led into the path of denial.  How do we know when that is that we are truly ready to say goodbye?

What makes us decide we don’t want certain people or situations in our life anymore.  What gives us the determination to say goodbye?  It is always easier to point the finger, blame, and say it is the other person; but what was so special about that being before that drew you to each other. One thing is for sure; I have always known that we are destined to change in this world.  We change due to circumstances, experiences, tragedy’s, events, the world is forever changing.  As long, as the people who are closest to us change with us in the same direction, we will find that person by our side.

“They had seen the same mountains, and the same trees, although each of them had seem them differently” Paulo Coelho

We can be drawn to people who are different because they help us see the world through a different lens.  We often admire people who have the characteristics that we long to have.  We are also drawn to those who are like us, because who is better to understand us, then someone who thinks and has our same beliefs.  The important factor is know what you want, acknowledge what you have and long for.  Just be sure you know, because the only way to find your way, is by knowing what road/path you are taking.  When you see what you want don’t let anyone or anything EVER get in your way.  You only have one life to live; its yours!

Each moment may be your last, don’t live for tomorrow.  I am not saying don’t prepare, but live each moment like its your treasured last.  If you are sad, miss somebody, or angry… you have to do something about it now because if it is your last, is this how you want it spent??

“We can also allow our Soul-mate to pass us by, without accepting him or her, or even noticing” Paulo Coelho

Sometimes when we make a decision, we choose our path… and that means saying Goodbye.  If you feel lost, or sad… rethink your decision.  If it feels right, and correct you know you are on the right path; always trust your instinct, your gut.  How will you get where you want to get to if your heart, mind, and eyes are closed?  Open them up, let yourself feel everything your afraid to; so that you will understand who you are.


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