Haven’t blogged in a while; I really miss it… gonna make more time for it ;)) thinking about an interesting topic tonight.

Pride; and how a good thing can be bad if it is too much.

If there is one thing I’ve had to learn from the past decade or so (some of us have stubborn hearts may take a while to change lol )—

The main thing to remember: Anyone of us can really die today,tomorrow, next week, next month, we don’t know.  One thing is for sure I can bet that we have either have had a close encounter with death; or know someone who has died.  If you do die soon what’s left of you to live on???

All our expectations, fears, and pride will be instantly gone!!!  Yet we allow it to control so much of our lives while we are awake and our living our valuable moments.

When a person is angry the anger never allows a person to see the situation how it really is; because they are too busy being angry and when you are angry you don’t see things as you should… You see things through those old lenses, the glasses of yours that hold all your fears.

Pride is a huge monster!!!  Pride is a huge monster that loves to eat anger; it wants to eat all that anger up; and look for more.  Pride is when you take more than you need from someone; it is when you take it all and still keep looking for more to take.  Pride has the power to turn an angel into a devil; it really does.   Since we know that pride comes from a fearful place; we need to remember pride makes us artificial and not our true selves.  We really need to try and stay as real to ourselves as we can be.

Why is it so hard to humble ourselves; what is the main thing; we afraid to, we are afraid of getting hurt again is usually the main reason.

If there is an issue; we need to figure out if that relationship is worth the effort of all parties involved, and if it is… put pride aside; and say… we are going to try and understand what we don’t.  We will open our eyes in a new way; and see things in a different way; because we can; we have the power.  We want to do this when we are in love; and it is such a wonderful thing when another does this for us as well.

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