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Faith is things which we hope for but cannot see

During the troubling times in our lives we learn that we need the assurance of those in our support networks, our loved ones~ more than anything. We need to know that the people who we have always tried to stand by, no matter what, will stand by us.

We may always try to remain confident and such; but the people who matter in our lives really influence our thinking, no matter what!

When “times” seem uncertain, and we need to hang on to some type of truth just to make things certain…  The truth we usually find is we can’t really rely on another soul to mend that hole in our soul that needs mending.  Having family and friends who are supportive really help us, and can make it easier while we are dealing with our personal life crisis.

What we are dealing with in our life is for our personal purpose on this earth, for our personal growth and knowledge. The only way to grow and become a better person is through hard times and learning.  The main thing we can do for ourselves, is keeping our FAITH strong.

Keeping the faith that we are put on this earth to be a better person than we were yesterday.  Keeping the faith that the decisions we are making are for the best.  People in our lives may not approve of our decisions, but the decision is for our personal attainment, and not for their own.

We must keep the faith and in addition, try to keep peace. Peace for our hearts and our lives. Peace means having harmony in our lives. Peace of healthy interpersonal relationships.

Trying to stay joyful will also help us keep our faith.  Especially when times are bleak, we are in control of our well-being.  If we stay positive, we will bring positive people around us.  We have faith and we know we can turn our sorrow to joy.

We all have a purpose in this life.  You are the only one who holds the power to fulfill your purpose, and I am the only one who can fulfill mine.  My faith doesn’t come from some magical imagination; my faith has come from deep roots and my eternal principles.  It has come from the fact I have been through the ringer and am stronger than yesterday.

Don’t ever lose faith, and when it starts to fade a little; remember the things you have been through in your life, what they taught you and where you are today.

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