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Fathers, Love, and Betrayal

I have a few people, who matter the most to me, they are the closest to me; and they seem to be going through a lot of the same things lately; myself included… So i begin this rant for us ~image

Life seems so difficult; and often times we are waiting; waiting for that one person who is supposed to come and “save us,” make us feel like everything is better.

We learn very young that people we love the most betray us. We want to be trusting and we want to trust another soul; so we often times are completely devastated when we get betrayed by people we love.image

The first man to love us ladies is usually our father.image

Our daddies usually teach us what sort of treatment is expected by the main man in our life. We will fight hard to win the attention of our father, we feel our world is complete when we get their praise; we fight them for our beliefs especially when they differ from theirs; we hide from them when they are angry, and we feel devastated when we don’t feel their acceptance. Our dad’s begin to play a huge role in how much we value ourselves by how much they show us we are valued.image

Take a look at your relationship with your “significant other” for a minute; there is bound to be some similarities between those struggles and those you’ve struggled with long ago.
The same issues that were between a young daughter and her father reoccur between the adult daughter and her lover/ husband, until this conflict is resolved. The issues that remain in the unconscious are painful but the only way to dominate them is by bringing them to the conscious.image

In a way, if we can’t forgive a behavior of betrayal; it is often times our own father we can’t forgive. If we forgive a pattern of abuse; its often times because we want to forgive our father -over and over again.image

The pain your feeling is real; you have to allow yourself to feel it, the struggle to suppress it will turn into a never ending cycle of the same pain.image


Such an ugly word but an even uglier feeling; and the plain truth is every single person has their own battle to fight. Of course, you are not the first person to be betrayed; nor the last. We feel completely as our world is done though, and we fail to forget that Jesus didn’t deserve his betrayal yet we allow ourselves to take the blame for our betrayal.

The thing is, there is not that one person in existence who can give you advise that is right for your specific situation. We are all different human beings; we have different feelings and emotions and no one is going to go through your personal journey; it isn’t there job.image

My best advise is keep all the positive people around you, seek advise from who matters, study your feelings and make up your own mind. ***LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!!!!image

Just remember not to take things personal when life happens. WE get betrayed, it is so easy to believe that the problem is rooted in us; or that we aren’t good enough or that we are not worthy. BS!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a reason you are going through this issue whatever it maybe, it’s huge~ and it has nothing to do with you not being worthy. This is an opportunity for you to take this chance to know this is happening because it is going to change your future; YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF HOW !!!!!

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