St. Matthews Catholic Church

I am trying to hard to get to sleep tonight but a few things are keeping me up; my cough/asthma; and my heart.  I am feeling so emotional, the last few months have been really tough.  It’s weird how you can have the worst time of your life and the best time; all at the same time.

A few weeks ago I had a loss; and it seems the Lord is placing people in my life with a variety of loss of their own.  I am not really sure why; but I am starting to pray about it.  I know and feel its a time for healing for me and those he is sending.

I recently; was asked to join the A.C.T.S TEAM for July 2015 Retreat with St. Matthews Youth Ministry.

1 This is huge! My daughter Marisa has made it her priority to put God and others first most of her entire high school years.  1

She is the most humble person and reminds me everyday I need to practice greatness.  I am so excited that God has chosen her during this time in her life to co-direct this retreat with her awesome good friend/Director, Luis Sanchez.  I am a strong believer God puts the people in our life during certain times for great reasons and to do his work here on earth.

My Marisa has completed her Senior year and she will be celebrating her Senior graduation with her family and friends in the same place she has poured her heart and soul these last few years; St. Matthews; this Friday, May 29, 2015 @ 7 PM.

I continue to pray that the Lord will pour more opportunity her way so she can continue to make a huge difference in the lives of others; and their faith.

It has been a huge commitment to accept the role as an adult team leader for the youth ACTS Retreat, so many just beginning their search for themselves.  The great thing is; God puts people in positions so that we have the ability to assist that particular soul in our own miraculous way.  We don’t make a difference because we are perfect human being; but because we are human; know and understand pain; we are sinners and need the daily guidance of choosing the better path.

I don’t pretend to be something I am not, and don’t want to be.  I am a woman who has anger, frustration, sadness, and maybe even some days bitterness; but more than that I am happy, forgiving, understanding, and positive.  Each week my meetings remind me there are people in this world just like me; human but also wanting to make a positive difference.

I feel blessed and realize this is a gift to my Marisa and myself!  I am thankful to the Youth Ministry Coordinator/Director of St. Matthews-M&K Weekley, the ACTS 2015 Directors (Adults and Youth) for thinking of me and asking me to be part of this awesome opportunity.

St. Matthews has been our family and home away from home the past 3 years for Marisa.


The other night Marisa and I were both feeling we needed to feel the Holy Spirit; so 1 AM we find ourselves in Adoration; and walking through those doors day or night, happy or sad…. its like magic.   Thank you!

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