⚠ WARNING BEWARE Pet mishap, my cat was in the running heated dryer for 10 min+

We Love Our Cats …. they are super cool Farrah Bueller loves Maximillian

Last night I was “thinking too much, ”  allowing guilt and negative thoughts to get to me.  I was feeling sad about life cycles we create and then pass on to our children. I was upset about past choices that had to be made for a better future. Sacrifices that we all had to make and affected my family plan. I prayed the past would not dwell in a negative manner on my kids. What can we do, but let go and let God. I decided to just go to bed and face the new day that was ahead… always pondering~

Wednesday came and I was excited about Gus having the day off and was bound to make the best of the day getting laundry and other household projects completed.

Today turned into one of the most horrible days in a long time! I was trying with all my heart to ignore feeling sad and melancholy. I decided to try my hardest to stay as busy as possible and get some things done.

I hurried along my day made the bed, folded clothes, loaded washer and dryer – hurried back to put towels and such away.

After about 10 min of loading the clothes and folding some towels, I sensed something was terribly wrong. I didn’t hear or see anything out of the ordinary it was just my hunch. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I was full of intense anxiety. I usually get a very similar feeling before something awful happens so it puts me in a panic mode when this happens. The past has taught me when I get such a feeling I must act quickly but part of the problem is figuring out what the problem is.

I didn’t even allow myself to think I ran straight to the dryer opened the door and my cat Farrah was in there and let out a faint meow.
Omg I ran to make sure the kids weren’t coming and I could not get myself to calm down enough to go back in the laundry room. I felt sick, faint, I could feel my heart pounding throughout my body, my hands were shaking, and I just prayed.

After a while, I walked to the room and she got herself out of the dryer. She was definitely in shock and fluffier than usual. She was panting due to either heat exhaustion or shock. I petted her and tried to calm her nerves. I didn’t see any burns or any type of other physical ailments.

I gave her water and luckily she drank. She’s acting like herself tonight, eating and drinking.
Just wanted to share with my friends what happened so that you always check in the dryer if you have curious beings. I was also reading it is a common mishap for cats to be laundered, in addition cats can also get heat stroke outside in Texas summer weather! Be careful!!!!

Michele Renee

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