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Several studies over the past 10 years are indicating that between 30% and 80% of our happiness is dictated by our genes. 10% to 60% of our happiness comes from attitude and overall outlook on life. Meaning only 10% of our happiness comes from those things which we can control.  

If we consider that we all have that base level of happiness (no change in it) regardless of events in our lives, basically makes sense to those who are forever battling wanting to be happier; experiencing events that make you happy (short-lived temporary pushes of elevation) but then you always find yourself back to that point of wanting to be happier.  There are many, myself included who have battled with depression; and feelings of sadness for years.


You achieve your next goal; but you are forever chasing that next feeling that you think will finally lead to the final ultimate lasting happy feeling.

I think this latest research is a little sad because no matter what; your genes may determine that no matter what you do in life; you will always fight the battle to want to feel better.  I don’t know how much of the research we can actually say is a complete truth for any given individual.  I know they were several studies one was a recent large study of about 20,000 pairs of twins involved.   I am curious of the control and uncontrolled factors involved in this specific study.  I believe that spirituality is actually more powerful than any thing that can be a proven fact by science.


In fact, after studying various clinical research studies over several years; I have personally come to my own conclusion that any given study can always be proven invalid for a number of various reasons,  some include protocol error, better/newer research with differing lifestyle and historical changes.  It seems once research information is verified to contain scientific validity we we are later finding in research decades why historically it fails to remain valid.  I have spent quite a bit of time trying to understand and keep updated with the latest research studies over the past decade on mental health and disorders in Clinical trials seeking to prevent, detect, and treat mental disease.  A  lot of information I researched in college to be valid is just now showing to prove otherwise.  I trust science and know that we need more and more research; the more we are able to study with recent factors the more reliable and valid the study will be.  So I tend to not get all upset over a study that yields results that direct us to believe any part of us cannot be altered or changed without medication.

If the truth is we have little control over our happiness, then I personally feel that the little control we do have is extremely important to make a noticeable difference.

I suffered from depression beginning at the age of 13 years old; I had been hospitalized for depression as a teenager; and I would consider myself to be at one of the most extreme sad states during several times in my life, result was mainly due to life events.  I have lived as one of the happiest people I and those who know me have ever met; and I have consistently kept this level of happiness of at least the past 4 years.  I do work on the the daily and am completely aware I am always on the course to keep my happiness.  Once you have been to a place that has taken you to some of the worst feelings we can experience as individuals; you learn you never want to go back there again.

My happiness is not fake; you can’t go around smiling fake smiles and then your just going to feel better.  It’s about finding your souls yearnings, and doing those things that make you feel happy and productive.  Setting your next goal; and once your next accomplishment is obtained; you set out to become greater.  Feeling complete with where you are because you are honest and true to yourself.


One of the first steps toward being happier in our daily life is taking a moment to focus on yourself.  There are things in your life that if it were changed and/or altered will make a huge improvement on your level of living; making improvements in living life makes you happier and those around you will feel it.  We all are unique and have been given a talent by God; most of us just allow ourselves to feel average and basic.  You are not average and you are not basic, search for your talent/s, Find it, and use it to change your life for the better; you will definitely feel like a happier person.  You have to figure out what those things are in your life that complicate it; one by one and work on changing them; those things that bring you sadness; work on it.  Try for a moment to be honest with yourself to figure out what weighs you down or keeps you from feeling fulfilled, try and put aside all the superficial ideas that may collect in your mind ~I need a car, a house, a companion, a new body, those things will make you happy for a very little while; and then you will be back to where you were before … go deeper~soul search! When in doubt always pray and ask God.

Not everyone can do great things but we can do small things with great Love~


CHOOSE HAPPINESS Everyday you wake up it is YOUR choice to be happy.  I usually will tell my kids; if something doesn’t work out as planned; or if something terrible happens; to try and find as many positive things about the situation as they can think of.  I began this practice many years back and it is actually an automatic response…. Always looking at the bright side leads to a life that is more effective, you will be more productive, and you will not dwell but put things into action even during the stressful times. If it’s hard for you, there is a magic trick… It’s pray! God will always show you the way.


Let go of fear, worry, and anxiety and people who bring it… Sometimes it’s hard to let go… That is your cue to pray and you will find your strength!

Smile! Smiling alone has the power to make you FEEL happier.


MOVE It is also important to get out into the world; to get some sunlight and start your body moving; if you are short with time; at least 7 minutes will make a difference. Do an activity you enjoy that relaxes you.


Tired or Hungry be sure your basic needs are met… that it is a priority; appreciate your body by taking good care of it.  You will look and feel healthier.

Spend more time bonding with people who you love and make you happy.  Sometimes during our busy lives we have to make an effort to stay in contact with those we care about.  Always put your people of priority at the top of your list. Don’t wait around for “free time ” to show up, it won’t! You need to free your time to bond with those who matter.

Bonding is a biological and emotional process that makes people more important to each other over time.

Unlike love, trust, or attraction, bonding is not something that can be lost. It is cumulative and only gets greater, never smaller.  So you will never lose the bond once it’s created unless there are other negative factors involved.  The only way to bond with another is to set time for that person who you think is important enough to make this a point to set time for them.   Every relationship will differ in how they bond the main point is connecting with that person in the best way to bring out the best in each other.

People also bond strongly during hard times so realize working together during difficult times will bring you closer.  If any person weighs you down, makes you sad or brings out the ugly in you; let them go for the sake of both of you.

Serve other or contribute in your own special way at least 2 hours a week to the community or someone who needs.

Count your blessings

Thankfulness is the beginning to happiness.

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