Few Days Home from St. Matt’s 2k15 Teen ACTS Retreat and the demons are out…

St. Matt’s 2k15 Teen ACTS Retreat was AMAZING!!!!


The DEVIL is pissed!!! Each one of our souls was just reassured of the great feeling of love; we all are feeling so brand new.  The devil hates love and happiness; but prefers anxiety, fear, and hate.  Anytime that we get closer to God, display support and encouragement to others; there the demon comes… quick to pick the latest victim and will use the weakest and will target your weakness to get to you.  Evil hates  comfort, evil wants a fire of negativity to take over and make everyone feel completely miserable.


The only way to win; is when you RECOGNIZE, remain strong and fight ..

“We will not allow him to win”!


We have to remember the strong need to acknowledge and realize what is going on in order to effectively plan our smartest solution to take down the attack. We are caught off guard and unprepared when we are full of the Holy Spirit and we aren’t in fight battle mode.

Our REAL WORLD consist of people who can be very mean spirited.  People are lonely, bitter, depressed, confused, and many just plain out mean. Mean people suck! Cold-hearts laugh at the bonds created and love shared; they want to believe it is a lie.


When we put our guards up we often forget about all those beautiful supportive souls who comforted us at our time of need. We may even find ourselves questioning the validity; and create our own suspicions of those that really are on our side. We don’t want fear to allow US to doubt the true spirit of those who we have bonded with.


If you stop for a minute, and just pause you will be completely aware that you have a purpose and it has been made clear time and time again.  If you ask God he will tell you; but we quickly allow our thoughts to be clouded by all the people who are not on our side, for whatever reason that maybe. HANG ON TO THE TRUTH for as long as possible.

The moments we get clarity during bonding or when we talk to those who love us, we believe and we know we want a better life; we vow to aim for it.  The moment the confusion comes back; all the questions and doubts we allow ourselves to release the truth.


I think it is is funny how people love to talk about the Jesus high after the retreat because they don’t quite understand those moments of clarity and support.  Christians are an easy target to laugh at or make fun of; especially because for some reason in order to love God and spend time with him we are expected to be sin free.  People will point out how we are hypocrites because we are praying singing to the Lord and the next minute we are seen not being so perfect; because the truth is we are sinners just like them; we love God and make an effort to talk and think about him; many of us have struggles of our own and searching for our own answers; but in the process we choose to serve and assist others to find their way.


We think all would be fine if we could just want run back to the beautiful Tecaboca that special place here on earth that feels so heavenly.


It has started with me already; the anger I am allowing others to make me feel.  Life doesn’t yield or wait it just comes up in our face at times we are feeling already weak , alone and unsure.  Life is beautiful too don’t get me wrong; think about LOVE for instance; Love is the greatest feeling ever; so completely magical and fun.  All the new feelings and ideas are mixing with all the old feelings and ideas the next thing you know we forget with all the busyness to make the time to work on our relationship with God, and we go back to allowing the earthly lies to dominate our thinking so we can get instant satisfaction.  If we know this; we can deal with it and realize we are fighting a war against lies.  When we don’t allow the demons to have any power; we will realize we can have peace.  WE have to sometimes, take the initiative of being proactive and eliminate negative factors from our life, even if it’s hard, makes us sad, and full of doubt don’t keep it to weigh you down; or you will never get your magnificent flight to soar.  Don’t ever buy into the lies of losing your precious integrity and all you stand for ; by allowing ourselves to be brought down by people on a different mission; and tempt us with instant gratification for the sake of long-term peace.


You have to know the truth; God spent this awesome time with you so that you can go forth with the wonderful message; seed planted; that he gave YOU and only you.  You may have a completely different destiny than your friend; or your destiny maybe to spread the wonderful message together; as long as you bring out the best in others; the personal growth has no limits.  It is amazing how it works, kind of like when you lose/gain weight and you really don’t see it within yourself because you see yourself everyday.  One day you just realize the old is just gone; and you let it go; it isn’t working for you or helping you blossom into the beast you are meant to be.  You just feel differently or think differently and can’t really explain why, but you have left the place you were; and are bound for greater places if you choose.  People will follow greatness, they always do!


Anytime you find yourself in that place where you want to revert to the old; that is when you need supportive friends who want the best for you and above all, God.  You need those who keep you focused on your goal, and remind you why it’s out with the old in with the new.  It is so important that we surround ourselves with the kind of people who make us feel alive and ready to propel to greatness. We should surround ourselves with those who are also focused on growing/thriving in this life, not just another body allowing their soul to disconnect and sleep.

REMEMBER to REFLECT!!!!   Always reflect over the choices you have made and the choices you are about to make.   Pray for guidance and keep those around you with the same morals and beliefs to keep you focused on staying true to yourself; especially when temptation comes around.

Our relationships are as good as the effort and work we put into them; and that goes the same with our relationship with God.

When I was asked if I wanted to be part of the team by the adult and youth directors I knew it would be a commitment, that word alone is scary.  Helping any team with Planning and organizing a successful event always takes dedication and I wasn’t 100% sure I could commit with kidney stone issues and all.  This would be my Marisa’s last year as a youth at an ACTS retreat so I knew It would be a one of a kind experience being able to be a part of the most important thing she was doing at this time.  I bonded and fell in love with my fellow team members dedication, energy, and innocence.  I began this journey praying each day I would have an effective impact in just the way God intended; and then I realized I was the one who was impacted in the end. I love each and everyone of the beautiful people God has surrounded my life at this time with.  God puts those people together who will have the most powerful effect, he wants his work to be done; and he hand selects the people he places in our lives.  I think it is really hard for us to realize sometimes our time with certain people is complete.  I am often proud of the work I create; but nothing can beat the power a great team can create together with every awesome individuals unique gift.  If someone is for you, encourages you, assists you… they are the partners in life who will push you to greatness.  If someone is forever in a pity party, denying, lying, and bringing down your spirit; pray for them… and don’t allow yourself to question another day if they are telling you the truth or not.


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