Death, Struggling with grief for a friend Kara

When the time is right, you will see this message!  No need to respond, answer, acknowledge anyone during this time you need to take for yourself.  I know your loving and caring heart Kara please don’t worry about anyone but you.  Your friends are here for you praying for strength for you and your family…

issac 2 ~~~~~~~~~all in your own time my friend

I woke this morning and got the “news” from one of my closest friends Corrine at 5 am; one of my friends from high school Kara who has become dear to me here on Facebook since April 2013,  her 14-year-old son, Issac passed on.  It’s been about 3 hours and I am still sitting here numb and in tears because I can only imagine how my dear friend is struggling.


I only know Issac from his pictures on Facebook; I have grown to love the heart of his mother, Kara.  I have gotten to know the kids though the daily pics and happenings.  Kara is one of those friends who not only remembers you on special days like your birthday, but will stop her busy to life to send heartfelt support during the many everyday struggles life brings.  Kara runs a busy life with her kids; but she always offers support to her friends in need.  Her humor is one of a kind and is quite often a breath of fresh air.  I have found my attachment to her warm motherly heart, and enjoy the fact I am able to share in her life through social media.  I think of Kara during my Facebook escapes and she always brings a sense of joy and love to my heart with just the mere thought of her sweet face.

Thank you for being so thoughtful to me my friend; my numerous Madonna pictures and video surprises you have thoughtfully and randomly shared with me throughout the past few years.  The videos always bring a wonderful smile to my face; because not only do you remind me of a time in my life when we were so young and free; you always soften my heart when most needed because it takes me back to that “needed” place in time for a moment when I didn’t know what it felt like to be overwhelmed with responsibility.  Your numerous gestures and your forever supportive friendship have never gone unnoticed; and I want you to know there were times you may not have known but your kindness, funny honesty is what I needed, I received your blessings at times I was deeply sad or sick;  a simple gesture from a friend showing I was thought of during some of my hardest struggles in my life.


I am heartbroken today for you because you are in a sincerely devastating nightmare; I can’t even imagine nor do I want to imagine what it feels like to lose your child; it is NOT supposed to be that way.  I understand the anger though; the anger that comes with losing someone loved, life is terribly cruel at times; and here we are slapped in the face with it; we find ourselves suffering and all we really know is; that… it feels like our hearts are ripping out of our body; and we wonder if we will ever find a bit of relief.


I will tell you my dear friend that I have found my peace at times when needed during the moments of silence; allow yourself to go there a whole hell of a lot during this time.  I promise you if you seek out and grasp a hold of faith with every bit of might you can muster, you will find a power that will finally allow you to feel the fear being lifted; and all those harsh feelings that come along with fear~ regret, guilt, hopelessness, sadness… just to name a few.  I think you need to hold on to the memory of his voice you heard; it was him I am 100% sure… he wanted you to know he is ALWAYS here with you.  Our bodies are a simple vessel; the spirit is what we are; hang out to that truth.

Allow yourself to smile again with the truth of eternal life.  where you will one day not have to part again; while you are in the dark shadow find your peace remembering your sweet boy is in the light.  While he is at rest; and you still in the progress of your journey here on earth; you will experience that moment or moments when you will feel his presence; and you will feel the light; and those moments will give you the strength you will need to make it another day.

Let go, he is at home; he is free~He is in a place of peace this earth cannot give us,  he was called by name~Issac, if you believe, you will see him again.

<3 <3 <3 <3

I love you my friend; my thoughts, prayers and heart is with you and your family.


  1. These words mean so much and totally describe our sweet friend Kara. I love her so very much. Thank you for your kind and meaningful words. I read everyone of them and know them to be very true. Kara you are so very loved and mean the world to many. I will be here for you my friend. One day we will reunited with our Sweet boy. Much love to you my friend.

  2. I absolutely love this so much and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made me cry hun from your kindness and friendship. I thank you my friend

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