YOU, need to read this; I am just a messenger…

So far,  since I came back from the wonderful Teen ACTS RETREAT approximately 2 weeks ago , I have had my own personal run in’s with family discord and finances~nothing major Thank God, however more tragically a good friend of mine ~ 14 year old son passed away, my other “like a daughter” grandma passed on as well,  another good friend’s Godmother diagnosed with cancer, my best friend is suffering from her anemia,  a close friend (like a sister) and my other close family member of 20+ years is struggling with their marriage and it seems directed at divorce.  I had to take one of my closest friends holy water because she is being bullied at work by demons… ; and so as you can imagine my Jesus “high” seemed like it was in constant tug of war facing all the hard knocks of “real life” issues.  Satan chuckles at the fact many “Jesus high’s” can and will be forgotten so easily with a few heartaches here and even more there….


*”Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”- Thomas Jefferson

The moment you lose your cool, you lose everything~ it is so easy to allow emotions to run us and even more so ruin us.  I have more times than I’d like to admit allowing fear, anger, and distrust be the motivating factor to destruction of my faith.

Bring it on!!!! 🙂 Get ready to fight and know what is going on so that your relationship with God won’t fade or continue to be absent.  I usually pray before a blog for the message that needs to be conveyed at the moment; and I pray for the people who will read it.  If you are reading this blog it is because YOU are needing this message.  God sent you today to read this because he misses you, loves you and wants more of you. You don’t have to give him all of your time, he isn’t even asking for most of it, he just wants some of it.  If you are busy, can’t find time to even breathe; you need more of God.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” Albert Einstein

You will find the only limits you really have are  the limits you put on yourself or those you love. If any person on this earth gives you limits; i don’t care who they are… what their profession is; that is your cue to prove them wrong.  NO ONE LIMITS you; that is why you have heard so many stories of miracles.

I will always push the envelope that is what gives me fulfillment. If i feel passionate about something I can’t conceive not giving it my all or doing whatever it takes. Free Association, Spontaneity, & always expecting results when God knows the time is right.  The day you want to throw the towel in because you have YET seen a change; keep believing; God will tell you when to stop.  You can’t just talk the talk you have to walk the walk.  When you are at the finish line; you will find out what you have always needed to, and it maybe completely different than what you had been looking for; but it’s your message!


Sometimes you are so focused on where you think you need to be when you aren’t getting any closer to the point you have your mind set on; you allow yourself to live with daily disappointments and heartache.  What if you are in fact getting closer and closer to your destiny; but you never trusted.  All your days you spent crying, and sad when you were on your life’s correct path; but you never trusted.


So many times those you love think they know what is best for you; family well meaning friends, and they are determined to take you to a completely different place than you are meant for.  People who love us don’t always know what is right for us as an individual and its hard for us to rebel against their wishes because we love them to and want to make those we love proud.  Pray ! Trust God and keep doing whatever it is you feel you have to do to continue on your journey.


and that is OK; because their way may not be on the same path as your life’s purpose way.  It may scare them especially the older generation, family, and  close friends.  There are so many people in this life who just know, “you get by…” that may not be your purpose; you need to follow your inner calling.

Art work By: Toni Carmine Salerno
Art work By: Toni Carmine Salerno

How does one remain positive and stay on the line of straight and arrow when life can be completely shitty at times.  Life is definitely a roller coaster ride of beautiful moments that keep us going and then those fearful moments when we wonder how on earth we will be able to go on.  So many times life is bitter sweet we have wonderful beautiful moments but then we have a heart so broken that it definitely takes away from the moment.; all and all life is NOT FAIR.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a book with all the answers, especially at the times in our life when tragedy strikes and we feel a need to know the why’s…. The best answer is keeping your relationship with God on the forefront; he is the best and only guide who knows where you need to go and NOT ever go again!  You know the answer inside; close your eyes and feel; that is God telling you.  Sometimes we are stubborn, fight the answer but if it keeps coming back; then we need to accept it; let go and move on for our own emotional transition into a state of much needed mind rest.

How do we stay true to our goals when everything in the world seems to be working against them?  What you will find is some days are harder to even get an inch closer to your mission; but other days it may seem you are just flowing on to where you need to be.  One thing is for sure; God has a plan and you have to have faith and confidence it will happen when the time is right and not a day, hour, or minute sooner.


Another thing to consider is if you are doing something for the good of yourself or others the devil is always going to fight hard to make it harder; but the DEVIL does NOT have the power; you need to keep fighting even harder and longer.

Be realistic, you can’t make drastic changes over night; but you can start with a little change today; right now… Stop go to a place where there are no distractions silence your mind and just allow the holy spirit to absorb your being… tell God what you want and what you need.  God will answer look for the answers; and know he is talking to you. God is present he is not in some remote far off place; he walks with you everyday.  Let him know you know he is there, and you want him there.  The voice of God is speaking in your heart.  God is answering you in the gifts and blessings you receive everyday; HE IS HERE!!!!!  God is sending you to read this because you need a reminder at this very moment.  In all the pain, grasp on to all the beauty in this world, he misses you.

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