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Marisa has decided to go with hot pink and purple ….

I noticed my blogs about Marisa are popular according to my stats I don’t know if it’s mostly her friends wondering about her; my personal opinion since I am her mom, on her recent break up; or just nosey bodies; or other women (mom’s, sisters, daughters) going through the same type of situation’s or preparing for when the time comes.  I just appreciate everyone who clicks on my blogs and takes the time to read what is going on in my life and my brain.  Thank you!  I love you <3

I think this is the perfect color for Marisa at this time in her life.  Marisa has had a hard few months letting go of her boyfriend who she was with since 13 years old; it came to all as a surprise but sometimes people have to go away on their own to find what they are looking for; especially when they are becoming adults.  I completely understand this; I was in the same exact situation when I was her age (18 yrs old) and I had to leave the relationship for my self discovery; it is all in God’s plan.

As those who follow me on Facebook know I am huge with colors.  I feel colors strongly; I have been dying my hair since I was about 15 years old; I live for eye-shadow; and I strongly believe in colors and psychology.  I can feel them…

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The color pink is perfect for Marisa is represents being feminine and romance at this time in her life this color is shouting from her spirit because PINK = UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  Unconditional love:  affection without limitations.  In other words when that person is no longer doing for YOU; you are still loving that person for the simple fact: you love the person for the person they are and not what they can do for you.  Unconditional love is unchanging; in other words it doesn’t end over any life event. any argument, life changing event, or differ in beliefs.  If someone does something that brings out a fear within yourself, your love doesn’t change, you don’t run away, and you try to understand, and even if life is away from that person the love still lives on in the heart.

If there were a poster child for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE it would definitely be MARISA.  It drives me a little crazy because she is so forgiving she will allow her heart to someone who has and continues to hurt her just because she loves that person.  Marisa falls in love with her complete soul; she lives for that person; cherishes all the memories they have held in the past. She hates goodbyes because her love is unending… She doesn’t hold bitterness and wants only positive goodness for those she loves even if they have left her.  She isn’t perfect she has her moodiness and she gets angry about her undying loyalty and his broken promises; but if he were to call in need; there is no doubt she would drop everything she is doing to be there for him; and he KNOWS IT!

Marisa taught me all about unconditional love, the day she was born.

The color pink= NURTURING and Compassion perfect Marisa who has a strong need to nurture and to be nurtured.  Marisa is one who will always want to come to those in any kind of need even when she herself is in need.  I can’t believe how several days after Marisa was asked by Luis to co-direct the 2015 St. Matt’s Teen Act Retreat  her heart was broken; she gave her all to her team, to her director; and after she wore her serving; giving, nurturing, compassionate hat she would come home and cry her nights because she felt so broken, lost, and everything she ever dreamed of was gone.  While she felt separate from all she knew when she would stop and think; she kept her focus and energy on cultivating positive energy for others during one of the hardest time in her life.

She often tells me I am her hero; I hope she knows she is mine.  The older you get; the more beautiful your soul shines; don’t ever lose that but always use every opportunity to become better; it is always my focus!


Pink is made of Red and White~ RED ~action color WHITE~Insight   Use all the wisdom and insight you have gained during this time period and all the experiences in your life to choose actions that will make you soar.  You know how I feel about all my broken experiences; I use them because they have given me a knowledge and perception only those who truly have felt it can understand.  Think about your intimate knowledge and use it for redemption; use your new-found enlightenment as a powerful weapon with pride as you have achieved it; always guide and only take on battles for righteousness; fight for peace of the heart for yourself and others.

The colors PINK and WHITE both represent HOPE.  I know it has been hard for you to let go because you are full of hope; and you always hope for the happy ending you have imagined; but sometimes we have to change our mind as we grow and realize.  Your desires have to change if you are being saddened by any previous choice; letting go of a dream is hard but your dream lives on in another soul.  You deserve someone to desire you as a person; as a woman, and as a companion.  You are too worthy to hold on to someone who desires you every know and then.  You deserve someone who desires you physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Hope= Confidence, Trust,  Reliance, Faith, and Security.  Someone with so much courage they will fight for you; no fear will come between you and them and when it does they don’t run, because you are irreplaceable!

I think my most favorite thing about the pink is it’s a HOT PINK = childish innocence As you have reached the wonderful year of 18, remember to stay innocent just like a child… I will say it over and over; it is so fun to hang on to it, even in my forties I refuse to let go.  However as a woman stay fresh as pink, but know you are as hot as hot pink.  This color signifies you are ready to be flirty and while I hope you will always stay as pure (white) as possible remember to never be ashamed of your passionate side.

PURPLE my most favorite color = Good Judgment

Good judgment is another Marisa attribute; I appreciate the fact you don’t jump into any circumstance without thinking about it from many angles.  I admire you rarely allow your emotions to motivate your decisions, I love the way you turn to God because if there is anyone you want on your side, well.   Purple=seeking spiritual fulfillment.  Seriously one of my favorite things about our relationship is how spiritual we are.  I love talking about God, hope, faith, miracles, intuition, the Holy Spirit, and all the blessings life brings.

Wear your colors proudly; you deserve to!  Hang on to that charisma and out of this world energy it is alluring.  Open your heart again all the colors signify you are ready.

ATTN to all haters, and breakers of my heart, my daughters heart, and everyone I love I make a dedication to you …

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