First Day of School, New Friendships, and maybe a little anxiety~

My daughter has been complaining of a stomach ache the past week she hasn’t been sleeping well the past couple of weeks either.  🙁
As a mom, we all have our drill; did you poop, what did you eat, are you drinking enough water all my questions left me clueless and a little concerned.
Today the family decided to go to Six Flags
so we could have fun in our last week before the busy schedules of the school year begins.  Miley is my 8-year-old mini-me daughter.
My girl~ Miley (we call her Mymy).  Mymy will be entering 3rd grade in a few days; and I am not a huge fan of all the stress 3rd grade can bring to such a little soul just learning who they are; the fear is put in them in 2nd with all the Standardized Testing.
We were finally able to spend much-needed one/one “alone” time in the wave pool.
She just wasn’t feeling herself at all so wasn’t real active; I noticed the tummy aches would start right before bed.
We shared an amazing discovery as we began to communicate~
Mymy began telling me she had a horrible nightmare the night before that left her sad.
She went on to explain in the dream none of her friends from school liked her anymore;
she said (fill in any mean girl name~ we all know one)
“Bully” was telling everyone not to talk to her; saying she was mean, and bad things about her that weren’t true, and they listened and believed her.
After acknowledging how sad she must have felt after having a dream where you lose all your friends, I explained to her that dreams are very important like a clue but are not real. Dreams often hold a secret key into our unconscious mind.
The unconscious side of our mind holds some of our deepest fears, some we don’t realize, or won’t allow ourselves to bring to the conscious mind which is a defense mechanism to guard ourself.
We have fears we are holding inside our souls and need to work on so we can be free at last.
I told her when we dream many people strongly believe that God is talking to us, some say its our guardian Angel or the Holy Spirit with an important message from God… we should pay attention to our dreams!  I told her maybe she was experiencing anxiety/fear about school starting in a few days. The ailments seemed to occur around the time we started our school count down and got her school supplies.
She told me that she is excited to go back to school, she misses her friends; and wishes it would start already!  She actually does better on an active routine schedule and enjoys staying busy.  She did say that she wonders who her teacher will be and if they will be nice! She has been praying without fail for MS Glover Who she worked with in the summer. I explained sometimes even when we pray God gives us what we need instead of what we want; will her 2nd grade friends still remain her friend in 3rd grade; and will she make new friends or just be alone.  I told her that it was natural to feel excitement, curiosity, even some fear of the unknown, and anticipation on important days like the first day of school because everything is new; even as adults we still feel those kind of things during different moments where we are thrown out of the loop and into a different one.
I told her that I thought it was amazing we were having this conversation because on this very morning; after waking up I prayed as usual and as always I pray and ask God to give me a strong message that will reach the audience/people/person who needs it and it will assist.  Just as I finished my prayer, I immediately saw a short article I began to read it.  The article caught my attention because it was about one of my favorite things ever… Friends/friendships.  I felt I was given my answer;  and at that point I knew today’s blog subject would have something to do with friendship but very broad topic and I had already just written on friendship a few days ago I don’t prefer to be repetitive with my articles; especially within days of each other. I knew in my heart when the time came I’d have that A-ha moment when I realized exactly what my blog post would entail or maybe even I just needed to add to or spruce up my previous write-up on friendship.
FYI… The writing went on to say that older people and those near death were all providing a valuable consensus on life during a research study.  All agreed that one of the main things in life they could truly say brought them satisfaction is their friendships.
Our friends are no doubt one of the most important blessings we have during our time on earth.

We choose who will be our friends because we like that person.
We enjoy that person and love the way we feel when we are around them.

  • When we have difficult times in life; who is there to console us, make us laugh, and remind us of the righteous purpose
  •    6
  • OUR FRIENDS!!!!!
  • Who is there to celebrate life’s victory’s with us?                                 image OUR FRIENDS!!!!7
  • Who accepts our flaws, forgives our mistakes, challenges us for positive growth, and always at least tries to understand us?  YES YOU ARE CORRECT AGAIN 🙂

Our friends are the first people outside of our family who we trust.
We will often share deep personal feelings and situations with our friends, that we wouldn’t even tell our own family; including our parents.  We trust our friends so much that we not only appreciate but seek out their opinions and advice because they have similar values to us.

Birds of a feather, Flock together~
Our friends continue to give us hope everyday!
Sometimes our world is falling apart, and simply spending just a few minutes with our friend can bring our hope back.
Some friends come in our life for a moment in time; to teach us what they were sent to and then they are gone, some we don’t see as often as we wish.  There are some friends who we may never see again for numerous reasons… our time with them is just over; but we may always value our memories and the time we shared during our friendship.
Some friends come into our lives and there is no way in hell we will ever let them go…we need them; and they need us,  just the same BFF’s … it’s forever!!!!
Some people we thought of as friends, but their only role was really to teach us what a bad friend is which helps us to appreciate our real friends.


Some people have huge groups of friends they love to get together with other friends, family, and celebrate good times with when ever possible.
Many people choose to keep just a selective few (only the ones they know are trustworthy and loyal) around as friends; been burned by too many bad friends.

Friends are super important in our lives no matter what role of friendship they specifically play in our lives; we love them all 100%.
We begin to get that feeling early in ELEMENTARY school that Friends are important and as we age and grow with wisdom, it is reiterated with a better understanding of the type of friends we want and don’t want.
Beautiful words are written in scripture about friends~

Proverbs 18:24 A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.  For if they fall, one will life up his fellow.  But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to life him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him-a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

John 15:13 Greater Love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron Sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.  

1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: Bad Company ruins good morals.  

David and Jonathan Make A Pact
David and Jonathan Make A Pact

“Whenever love depends on some selfish end, when the end passes away, the love passes away; but if it does not depend on some selfish end, it will never pass away. Which love depended on a selfish end? This was the love of Amnon and Tamar. And which did not depend on a selfish end? This was the love of David and Jonathan.

If we were never gifted with the wonderful gift of freewill; God would have it his way; and we would ALL to be friends and love our neighbors as we love ourselves..


I told my daughter, God will send you friends, no doubt; you are funny, loyal, giving, trustworthy many people would love to have a friend like you.
Everyone needs a friend; if you are a good friend another will want your friendship just like you want theirs.

You should never waste a day with worry.


You treat your friends with the same love, respect, and loyalty that you would want for yourself.

The ugly truth is there are a lot of mean-spirited people in this world; HATERS are in abundance.
Our wonderful kids are going to have to deal with “haters” in numerous settings beginning at such a young innocent age and for the rest of their lives they will be forced to deal with difficult people in some way.  Difficult people don’t hold any power over us and our emotions unless we give it to them. If someone is saying mean things about you; real friends will never believe them because they know your true heart.

I also reminded her that God loves for us to include him in our lives; and would love to hear about how she is feeling and even ask for his help.
We can always ask God for courage and strength when we feel we need some help.
I told her it was important to pray!  God is Always on our side!

Make time to talk, spend time with God and let him know about these fears; and as a family we pray for each others needs.
I reminded her that God is always around; we are never alone.
God loves us.  People often admit they know God loves us all; but do they allow themselves to feel his love?

As we continued to communicate Mymy told me, she felt God his presence as we spoke; she often tells me she feels the holy spirit
and describes it as such a beautiful feeling, she even shared with me she thought the feeling was so powerful as we spoke; right there in the SIX FLAGS WAVE POOL she said, even the waves felt not just powerful but almost cleansing…

as if it were Holy Water as each wave hit her face each wave removed fear and replaced it with her laughter.  🙂

Maybe it was a sacred moment for her and God; maybe he did turn the wave pool into Holy Water, he does amazing things to water 😆!

If you need to feel God; and need strength ask him tell him what you need; he knows your heart very well but he wants to hear your beautiful voice/thoughts and teach your children the same by your example.
Even though you can’t see God… as some bearded man beaming up from the clouds above or lady forgive me God if you are, he is a part of everything in this world;  he is our Creator.  God is present in our friends and the support they give; in our loved ones both living and deceased, a flower that brings us happiness,
the wind that breathes a different life to us,

a lit candle that represents hope,
a beautiful sky that brings peace,


the beauty of a bird in flight that reminds us one day if we choose we will all be forever free in paradise with God,
the wonderful sun that radiates,


the rivers that flow to remind you of eternity, the oceans that symbolize a bounty of relief,
the smile of a person that changes our day AND all the colors of the color wheel to remind us we are unique

imagei o p y

but even more beautiful is the fact that EVERY single one of us is made in God’s image.

Genesis 1:27 God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

God makes himself known all the time; but the more we ask him to see it; the more we will.

The highest instance of human friendship is marriage

~Always marry your best friend!


This blog tonight is dedicated to all our children who are beginning a new school year; and finding brand new positive friendships.  I pray that our children get exactly what they need to succeed!

By the way; during our connection in the wave pool I realized that was my AHA MOMENT and realizing my own mini me needed this message, and I am sure many more loving, smart sensitive kids who think too much just like her are feeling a little overly excited!  Take some time to find out how they are feeling; sometimes just talking to someone is all they really need; never allow emotions to bottle up!!!!  When she was done talking she said her tummy ache was gone; we worry ourselves sick at times and we need to learn at an early age how to have FAITH.  

we need to remember LET GO and LET GOD!


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  1. What a unique perspective on how the unknown and uncertainty of a new school year can be a stressful situation for a child. I can honestly say that I can relate it was just a matter of pausing and reflecting. I’m far removed from being a child and in all senserity if the stimulation had not been applied by your writing. The n I in typical dad mode would have thoughtbsuck it up because life is hard and we must adjust. How ever I can relate to a child because I was a child once before I reached this stage in life of a seasoned grizzled veteran as one would think of themselves. Let’s we can all become calus during the process of life, how ever we can relate the the in easy feeling about a new situation that is simply unavoidable and we can see it approaching in the distance with the unavoidable collision at a certain point. I thought about and how at a very early my mother due to financial distress felt like her best option for a brighter future was to pack up the family and hear north from Laredo Texas to a more financial opportunity of San Antonio Texas I was in the third grade and with Spanish being my first language and with very limited exposure to English in a southern border town I can honestly say that it was a rather diffult transition into a totally different environment with very little if none for special education it was something that pretty much carried over all through my life. The adversity in the long run was instrumental for learning something positive and the idea that through adversity there was always the Oppenheimer to find a way. Whether it was applying on self, finding short or simply cheating the system that same obstacle becomes an instrament of growth and character. With that being just having the love and support and the example of how my mother was motivated to provide the bes she as a single parent. Mymy is such an intelligent child with Such a wonderful soul that it took me quickly to a place where I had to examine myself and understand that along with providing her with dad support that I needed the aslo provide more and more affection in time that is a stressful and challenging moment in her young life. Love at times goes much further with a greater impact than just a stern voice and a because I said so approach. Thank you for coaxing me to getting in touch with my inner child and the grown up battled tested adult to work together to proved the best support she can learn to count on and to set the expectation that settling for anything less was not ideal for herself. I know that she will be more than fine but it take a proactive approach the help her succeed in all she does. Because for all the right reasons the right type of affection, love and respect is a two way street. I know that she is blessed to have mother who can listen examine and recall her own struggle as a child but more important, a mother who seizes every moment for life lesson and a reflection of her self and that tiny Mini me, who will need all the help she can get to make in this word. Whether it is mom and her nurturing ways or dad with his logical points of view; to care, to love and nurture should be a joint effort simply because we all have that moment we can recall when life uncertainties could have used more understanding more love and support. Thank for such a useful reminder.

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