MINE all Rights Reserved; MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY *Sexual Innuendo

I guarantee you Gustavo S. Montiel Jr. the THIRD….
YOU will never find a need to be any others, as you faithfully accept every dream ~every fantasy~as they live inside you just for ME!

🙂 yes yes DITTO

The past four years we have spent each morning getting to know each other on many of life’s different and most exciting levels; the musical begins as the sunshine in the sky fades into the sky.
We have found new  excitements that strike to places imagined and with
with heights way above any ever imagined, yet recently…these heights are frequently discovered.  Our mind is intrigued because each place we have recently visited has provoked a life altering jolt and intensity our body will never quite know but doesn’t want to ever forget.  So we have an immediate deep craving to go there once again; but find ourselves taken to yet a new place; once there we find we have reached somewhere even better than the last place we previously found.

So many places we are being touched in, this is definitely completely brand new, as each layer is uncovered, one realizes you are visiting and exploring places that have never been given life before.  So many different infusions as multiple layers of our essence is being awakened, we let go of the fear of the unfamiliar provocative illuminations and invite the other to push all conceivable limits.
You feel magnificently empowered because it is you who has brought this new life in me.  The next place we venture I find my power because only I have brought this to life in YOU.  The intimacy is overwhelming knowing that there is a strong intuitive feeling that each of us was specifically created for one another.  Each time we connect, new worlds emerge.

qq  wwyy
We continue on with the day tantalizing in our own unique language that only we can comprehend; and sometimes we don’t quite comprehend but we know we belong there at the given moment.  We find ourselves in a place where we understand the deep intense hunger of the other. Just as we begin to morbidly crave forbidden desires, the other inspires the other to want more permanently and the intensity increases as one yearns for a feel for their fill.  The confusion lies in the contradiction of the fact that even with a constant need to have their deepest desires being fed; there is always a state of complete satisfaction beyond what has ever been previously experienced outside of our world; we then realize we are facing a new sunrise!  We realize we have gotten lost in a magical way from one day to the next; and on this new day as it begins we begin to crave the sunshine will fade into the sky
once again so we can return;  as have found that our strongest addiction yet ~ being infected with each others touch.
Last night when I walked in and you wearing clothes from one of the other worlds; I was full of excitement; and felt so proud you are mine; your out of this ordinary mystery; the way we always bring never-ending ideas and inspiration for the other; I love what we share with each other. I love that we both keep fantasy, creativity, romance, and raunchy style fairies to our world.  I really love that I never know what to expect every part is unique; every creation is new and different.  If I die from excitement let it be known that is one of the best ways to go… I love the complete confidence and trust we share with each other and we have yet found inhibitions.  I respect you for your courage to explore with no limits and always have an open mind and try new things because you want to please me; you are the best and only lover for me.  I love how you don’t want to stop pleasing me; and you don’t just take me to dance around the ballroom; you take me to the point of complete body shaking; breath gasping; thumb-sucking so I don’t lose it; EXHAUSTION.  I can’t think of anyplace on this earth that is better than where you take me.  Unable to pattern the spoken word, quivering body, trying to calm itself so it’s not rocking and twitching from its need for a recovery; and then sleeping beauty is out put to sleep without her consent by natural rhythms, and then awaken from the slumber she is ready to return … Thank you for taking me to the most beautiful places where only you and I can escape time and time again.

I love you; I love me; but I love US the most!

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