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This world we live in is so full of life stressors that we allow to fill our days with worry, and it seems the harder we try and work to get ahead; the more our souls are faced with opposition.
My life has been full of emotions that have taken me to some high velocity experiences in my life.  I continue to choose to live my life with extreme choices, and a continued addiction to living sublime.  I can’t imagine living a life just getting by, I am going to ALWAYS push myself and push through my limits until I find that place in this round of life ~where I experience a difference in my thinking so significant that never before pieces of my soul are conceived.
I am forever on a mission to give my life a new and even greater meaning than yesterday.  Pushing yourself to places you have never been to is often where you will find insights and wisdom that creates you into a stronger person; it is an extremely powerful feeling that leads to a Life End Result= amazing life.

All the stress we choose to hold onto really weighs us down more than we know.
When we keep our mind in balance we will notice a peaceful state of mind.
It is important to get to that point in our soul
Where we can release all the stress we hold on to and get a clear mind where we will find much needed clarity.
There are so many obstacles throughout our life which deters us and makes us aim to numb the soul.
We must allow ourselves to “forget & banish” all the negativity  that we have allowed to exist in our life, including our own negative  thinking.  We need to take time to soul search, remember who I AM, How I have changed, Where I want to go still, and think about the things in life that bring so much meaning, and what else could I bring in my life to bring even more meaning.  Self-Discovery can be hard at times, especially when it’s hard to face who we really are at this current point in our life;
or that “person” we may have “been” in the past.

Prayer and  meditation are helpful and extremely effective.

It’s often an indicator that those are the times we feel “under attack”, we need to stop and think about our life; Finding direction is the  way you will reach the truth, the only way to your true destination where you will truly achieve~Conquer! .

People think life “just happens” they have no control, they believe some people are just “lucky” and others are always just getting shitted on,  and they just sit and wait, hope for a change
if you want a change, MAKE IT HAPPEN, by Planning, Visualizing, and Aim for the mission with persistence effectively working around every obstacle, no excuses… keep fighting!!!
Staying true to who we are is important!
If you decide to lose yourself in the moment; do it with NO REGRETS; allowing the rebirth of a re-newed and improved self and Let Go of fear~ Allow a purpose with an increase in courage which will prepare you for the next mission a bigger battle with greater winnings.
People, they ALL have opinions, and you will definitely begin to hear them…

Every person has unique opinions about life based on their understanding from previous knowledge, experiences, and current feelings and life situations.  It would be wonderful if everyone thought we were great, but if they don’t…. THAT IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM!

Don’t allow any person to put anger or any other negative emotion into your soul, don’t give them that power!
If you are allowing a negative thought such as “anger” you will generate negativity. Create positive energy, you will get positive results!  In those times when you don’t get the results you expected; continued positive thinking will allow your mind to be ready to continue with persistence a new plan with “improved” insight, you begin again with a level head.  If you allow anger to consume your soul, you are basically allowing negativity the right to eat at your soul.  WE can’t control life, other people, or how things happen in our life but we can control how we will react.  The truth is those times in our life that were completely difficult and made us realize how out of control over our life we really are (think about Sickness e.g. Cancer) but it is during those moments we will often see there is a greater source (God) on our side that we can and should always ask for direction.
If you don’t see expected results for your specific goal, try re-evaluating what you are doing or not doing to make it happen and make adjustments it is a learning process; take this opportunity to get off the ground and remember who you are, where you have been, where you came from; and where you are today…

If you can get a support network of people on your side, reach out sometimes you just need to be reminded by positive people.  If others can assist you in reaching your goal; allow them to.

Keep in mind the more people that are committed on working on the same issue has many advantages, and you will get to desired results quicker.
Always be realistic, working with others can also create
more potential difficulties. A Team of people with different personalities requires cooperation, and frequent reminders what team PURPOSE, OBJECTIVE, and DIRECTION toward goal is. The best teams are those who work with team members with the same direction and purpose in unison.
Team leadership is very important, strong force guiding the team to remain focused on the direction of the team, open communication about present team needs and after continuously re-evaluating~ present tasks and progress making frequent necessary adjustments.

The team is made of individuals who may share differing ideas, tips, experiences, and communication, every team members has valuable information another on the team can learn about that will assist each individual and the team in their own unique way.  The team also works better when the team is frequently reminded to focus on the team, with additional uplifting reminders that each individual plays an important role in the direction and team players work for not against each other. The best thing about a team; you get an opportunity to work together with people who have been placed together, each with unique stories God-given talents, expertise in a variety of different positions for a purpose. The best option is knowing and using what advantages the team holds, using each specific person for their specific qualities at how they will best benefit the team; everyone will find an increase in happiness when their unique God given talent being put to use= effective results.

Sometimes life is hard, when you work with a lot of different people, the team is likely to experience more “real life issues” when more life’s are involved, that may effect a person’s role on the team. People need to be reminded by their team members how important their individual role is to the team; a team with unmotivated members will get no where; the team as a whole needs to push their team to it’s full potential and each member individual to their full individual potential. Team leaders need to get creative in keeping people driven and motivated, and redirect those that are putting little effort why its vital to the team everyone is doing all they can to contribute.  Life gets harder for us and when we least expect it, we often find ourselves facing personal situations in our life that often take our mind away what is going on to make our team be effective.  The person needs to realize, their importance of their part in the team moving in the goal direction; if a person is not benefiting the team; the team may need to have others step in to assist while the situation is being re-evaluated.
One of the most important task- Make a PLAN, Restructure the team always keep in mind all present and upcoming changes, Discuss effective ways to learn from the past `what works and what doesn’t; and continue plan for work on success off the team; Re-visit goals and results often.

The important thing is stay true to yourself; hold on to your values, continue to always make every next choice in your life with complete confidence.  Remember every single piece of shit that was thrown at your fan, and smile and allow yourself to feel pride and appreciate the trust that was re-discovered.  Trust brings many beautiful things with it’s presence; it gives you the ability to feel things in your heart that give you a renewed spirit where you are able to hope.


The darkest moments in our life are those times where we learned the need to put up guards from other people who don’t have our best interest and during those times is when we learned our own personal way we protect ourselves from pain.  We need to remember it is during those moments as well that we were able to gain a new found strength.  The wonderful thing about our belief system is that it is forever changing and we have the power to control what we will allow and what we ignore.

There is very few things I wouldn’t want to experience, all the challenges we experience give us new insights and we can take every experience which breathes a new life into our souls that gives us wisdom, strength, and best of all FAITH.  The Hope we allowed to live in our life by allowing our spirit to trust in hope.  Hope finds FAITH a consideration that we will do it better next time.  I love “feelings”-  the passion that each different feeling brings, and even with all the sick twisted people who show their presence in our life, and in recalling those completely devastating moments when we felt completely defeated; remember even with that, we still hold the power to control our belief system with positive direction to take us to higher places we are meant to discover.


  1. Thinking positive is truly a learned behavior or at least in my experience, so much attention is given to negative subjects or story lines that often a positive actions or ways of thinking get very little if any reaction. I’m blessed that I have a partner in life that even through the trials and tribulations always finds a way to rise above it and think positive. This is a way of life I have learned to live because in truth like it or not one must not only endure but also over come, life doesn’t stand still or wait for anyone and so it’s best to put your best foot forward living life to the fullest. Having a common goal and working together with those you love and those you hold near and dear to your heart can’t be challenging however you touched on the importance of team originated goals working together for a better life and purpose being in touch with one another by far is better than missing out on being a positive force in the lives we interact with on a daily basis. Just something to think about as we get older as our children grow up to work as unit and inspire each other to be selfless learning to give that helping hand even when the struggle seems trivial. Thank you for the reinforcing words we often need to be reminded of.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, thinking positive takes practice; but then it gets easier, becomes a habit and way of thinking. People love to read the negative; who knows maybe in a way it makes them feel better about their own life; but when you read inspiring words, see positive actions; and surround yourself with encouraging people; it is so much more condusive.

      It isn’t easy; and even then life gets in the way and reminds you that the negative can defintely take over if you let it; and I am thankful my partner~ reminds me to stay positive. He always cheers me up, makes me laugh; and when I am frustrated takes over some of the heavy load life has us lugging behing us. Thank you for your wonderful comment; it is music to my heart.

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