The first moments! Make a small change today!

The first meeting of the day is very important between you and your loved ones because it sets off your day from that point. I know it’s so hard for us~ who aren’t “morning people” and we honestly do not feel like looking at another face!

It’s really important that we send off our loved ones with a positive sentiment.

It is just as important when we see them again we greet them the same. The first few minutes should be about establishing the loving feelings that were absent the time you were apart. I know after a Day of getting an ass kicking at work or school, we want to hide in a shell, rant about coworkers or people we are forced to deal with… Let it wait a few. Priority should be reconnecting, finding your safe spot, hugs and embracing is what many people need, after that you can work your way into unloading all the crap of the day.

You also should give your kids the feeling that you are excited to see them and you have waited all day to see their face.

Body language is very important put down the phone, and embrace the one who matters. Nonverbal communication is extremely important our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, tone of voice. Children are the best lie detectors in existence they know if you care and can tell if your interested.

Michele Renee

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