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Tornado-natural disasters they can be completely devastating, they strike at an unexpected moment, busy moments, everyday living when it changes your life forever.  Is anyone ever really ready for an unexpected tragedy that completely affects one’s vitality?


One day,violent rotating winds and rain arrive they are so powerful it touches down in your community and puts a terror in people as they cry and worry for their life and the lives of people they love; the storm destroys everything it comes in contact with.  Many people have homes that these whirling winds destroy; and some even lose their life.


Many of us consider our home our sanctuary. We find safety and comfort at home not to mention our home holds all our most precious possessions, memories, and with one swift swipe from the sky we find ourselves in ruin with so much gone.
There really is no way to make someone comfortable immediately after such a devastation. Which is difficult when it is someone we love, and we care for.

On May 23, 2015, a very dear friend to both me and my mother experienced such a devastation. Her 90 year old Mother-in-law, Teresa Salas and brother-in-law, Daniel home was demolished, roof gone, back wall of home gone, all from the winds and rain that hit the west side of San Antonio, Texas.  The only thing left was a few photos.

Kens5 Story Elderly-woman-injured-when-winds-rip-through-west-side-home


Teresa Salas was hospitalized with a fractured neck and broken pelvis, her family home was gone.


As a caring friend I wanted to help but honestly I could think of no way that I could possibly make a difference.  A very good friend of mine advised me to share the devastating story about the Salas Family with a magnificent organization called Associa Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas.  I was told by my friend Associa Hill Country and Associa Cares (non profit) part of organization, has helped many others in similar situations, the organization provides charitable support to people and communities that have been struck by natural and man-made disasters.

I wondered if they would really care, if I would hear back from anyone.  TO MY SURPRISE THEY DID CARE, I was contacted by a caring representative who was empathetic and motivated to assist, they wanted to help! 🙂

I am still extremely appreciative how some companies care and take the time to organize all their resources to give back and help the community.


Teresa Salas and Daniel received a check as a donation from Associa Hill Country San Antonio Team to help assist her as she begins to rebuild her life. Associa Cares is able to provide help to those needing recovery because of donations from their very own employees, clients, and vendors all across the nation.


THANK YOU for taking the time to care about our community, and our family!!!!! THIS Company Rocks!!!! Associa Hill Country San Antonio Team 💪❤  Give them a shout out on Facebook 🙂 Associa Hill Country Facebook

Thank you Associa Hill Country & Associa Cares  I hope you are proud of your San Antonio Team and every volunteer this amazing association represents…

If you would like to assist this family Teresa Salas Go fund ME

Michele Renee

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