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Her Mommy’s Dubbers <3

~Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mother~Joyce<3


WE live such busy lives we are seldom able to visit together these days like we wish we could.


I want you to know that I think about you daily, I miss your enchanting smile and finding all the humor in life that no one but us two can quite understand.  


Mother’s and daughter’s have such an exceptional, remarkable, and wonderful one of a kind amazing bond. We go through so many different stages during our life; life brings us extraordinary days that leads us to various directions;


Sometimes we wish we could turn back time to do things differently


and sometimes we realize we did everything just as it should’ve been.


There is no doubt in my mind all the wisdom I have acquired at this point makes me understand that my strength, which is one of my best qualities is a blessing my mother past on in me.  I love our confidence that we can accomplish anything, we allow ourselves to develop into so many different forms, we always come back refreshed, enhanced, and improved with time.


As a mother you have been so much to me, when others broke my heart, you often stepped in to remind me that my life is made from my spirit.

There is not one soul in this whole wide world that could ever take your place in my heart.  

We are two of the most passionate women I have ever met and that energy pushes us in our life to seize the moment.  We are intrigued, vivacious, and we are so much alike; I am proud you are my mother.  Even with your flaws when I am with you; I only see perfection! 


Our relationship is beautifully complex that will forever hold us as one in our spirit even when we are physically apart.  The power to understand one another, on a different level than that of any other relationship.  We find a strong determination to try even when we don’t agree, the inspiration to forgive always remains because no matter what life is so much happier and complete when we are unified. 


I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, thrive, and soar to great heights!


A few gifts I have received from my mother; I am always adding to the list~

1.      STRENGTH: The strength of a Lion!  The backbone that I carry; I stand tall and strong.  My mother always reminded me that we need to carry our own load. There isn’t any one in this world who can do it for us; and shouldn’t.  WE get what we get; because it molds us into who we are.  We may be fortunate enough to have friends and family to help … but in the end; when we do it; we will be stronger than ever.


2.      CREATIVITY: My creative mind!  My mother is a creative genius.  She takes on every activity that enters her mind; and runs with it.  I have laughed over the years at all the different hats she wears; but today I am proud…. I have just as many hats as hers.  My mother has the mentality, “if someone else can do it; so can I, and maybe just as good or better.”  She uses whatever resources she can find.  I am definitely my mother’s daughter in that way.


3.      DREAMER: My mom gave me the ability to dream; and dream big!  She doesn’t believe anything is impossible if you put your mind to it; it will happen.  I am extremely self confident; and sometimes I think I really can rule the world if I wanted.  I thank my mom for giving me all the ideas and confidence I carry to be one of the biggest dreamers I know.


4.      HONESTY: My brutal honesty.  Whether it is “the truth” or simply “my truth”at the time; I never hold back from telling people exactly how I feel and what I think.  People sometimes are afraid to ask me; because they know they are going to hear exactly what I feel. 

5.      SENSE OF HUMOR: My sense of humor, the ability to laugh at any given situation.   Laughing is really easy and I am ALWAYS doing it.

6.      PROBLEM SOLVER: My problem solving skills.  My mom and I had a life of learning on how to focus on what we had, even during the hard times.  We never focused on what just fell apart; but how we could make it better and stronger.   Throughout our lives we will make beautiful mistakes; that is what creates the Great person we are destined to be.  When it rains; we don’t have to stay inside and put anything aside.  It is always going to rain; it will never stop; we can cover our heads or dance in it… it’s always our choice.


7.      PIONEER: Always look for more!  No matter how many times in my life I have gotten shut down, knocked down, or just ignored; always look for more; because I deserve the best and so does my family and friends.

8.      FORGIVENESS: People are not perfect.  We all believe our mother’s are perfect; or at least want to believe that.  My mom showed me you can be a great human being, not be perfect; and still shine like a Pollia Berry (shiniest living thing in the world.)


9.      UNDERSTANDING: This world holds many people we may not agree with; people can be from two different worlds so to speak… but we still respect them.  We realize there is more to talk about, and always try hard not to be ugly. 

10.  TRADITION: Holidays are always special, every holiday my mom kept the traditions alive. I think Madonna’s song Holiday was actually written by my mother.  She always made every holiday a huge celebration.  I believed in Santa, Easter bunny, tooth fairy to this day because of my mom.  No matter what hard times were going on in our lives, we took the time; and at least took that day to celebrate.  It’s time for the Good times and Forget about the bad times ♫ ♫

11.  MUSIC: One of my favorite gifts.  As a young child; my mother introduced my heart to music.  Music had an effect on meas a youngster; she listened to every music genre that existed.  I would listen to what she loved, and then I started loving it.  We would spend hours listening to her huge vinyl collection; and would music take us away to a place we can only imagine.    Being a music family was important to us; singing our hearts out, not caring how perfect or imperfect we sounded.  We sang together and we sang for each other.  During the hardest, most exciting, happiest, saddest times in our life; music was present.  Sometimes all you need is a mic and a guitar


12. Wisdom and knowledge~My mother gave me the drive and determination to always seek knowledge.; thus leading to wisdom.  Before I will swallow any bit of information or let any bit take over my mind; I tear it apart 😉 study the angles before I make my own hypothesis or educated guess 😉  Thank you for pointing me toward the path of intelligence and my own opinion.

13. Christ~ I appreciate my mom teaching me the foundation of Christ from a very young age.  Showing me the love and living the word through your selfless example and your patience.


14. Faith~  Thank you mama for teaching me to have faith; in any given situation.  Whether life is throwing me some scary, lonely, harsh, moments I know and have faith that I will overcome; and I am never alone.  I know I have a spirit in and with me at all times; the higher power that protects and give me what I need to get through the moment.  Living with my strong faith has gotten me through some of the hardest most trying times in my life.  But because of my faith; I am a survivor who longs to make a difference in every person life I meet on this earth.  If I can help one person at least I know it was worth it.

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