Twisting in my mind

He told us not to tell anyone about the magic word; he said it would be known if “outsiders” were let it.  He looked at me, and said … you have to play Tetris and then you will find out what other answers are needed. It was known there was going to be a huge rebellion later that night; but I wasn’t interested.

Gus and I were chilling at my grandma Darling’s house; and her and my grandpa were asleep.  WE had a few friends over, Marisa had a few friends over too. A few of her friends asked if we were going tonight, we knew exactly where; but we said we weren’t interested; and I fell asleep.

I woke up to a weird bright light coming from the living room window.


I opened up the shade and could see the sky lit up, so many messages were showing up that were written in the sky with lights.  It had a hand motioning a “come here” motion; and other messages saying it had begun.  It looked so exciting; I looked at everyone asleep; and I wondered if I should sneak out to see what was going on.  I saw a few kids loading up into my van; and I went to find out what was happening.  My fan was completely covered inside with darkened draping and foil.  Their was strobe lights in the van and a few people in there ready to leave; I asked who was taking the van and they said Marisa.  I went to go tell Marisa she was not going anywhere in my van; and she was outside in the backyard.  I could hear dub music coming from different area’s in the backyard of the neighbors, I could see strobe lights coming from the tree’s as well.  Everyone was eating the tiny nut that was given to the few and selected.  I would see people eat their nut and poof they would disappear.   I had a strong curiosity as to where everyone was going especially when I saw people coming back and looking for another nut because they wanted to return.  I told Gus I was going I had to see what was going on and I popped it into my mouth and ate it quickly.  Gus told me I wasn’t going without him; so he ate his as well.  We were there with nothing, we remembered we had to get a sugar high for the nut to take effect; so we started eating all the candy we could find.  The candy was so good with each bite we would feel high and higher.

I found myself in a rehearsal room; I took dance for so many years I was sure I was born to be a dancer.  I knew I was going in to perform; I had a weird type garter belt on with long laces flowing and my ballet shoes. I was excited when I saw my ballet partner; and realized it was Madonna.  Just as it was our turn to dance unto the stage; poof I was back in my grandma’s living room; and Gus was going to fight some guy who was built like the incredible hulk; because he thought Gus gave his nephew the nut.  LOL OMGGGGGGGGGGG

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