Ideas, & Unconditional Love

I am often told I am blessed to be so creative, that I have so many ideas; yes; I am innovative and blessed. My creativity comes from years of having to be creative at an early age rather than just making the choice to allow life to happen.
EVERY idea comes from a combination of old and NEW elements; do you realize that means your past has given you clues and direction on how to deal with today. YOU CAN make it through anything that is happening today; no matter how hard and bleak it may seem; I promise!
The past few weeks have been extremely hard my kidneys have that one last stone I struggle with; and I was writing a very intense emotional write-up
the past couple of weeks that would not only drain me physically, but emotionally take me places I had to remember to understand once again the purpose~ make a difference in the life of another; in the most profound way possible~leading them to their faith in God.  Just as I felt my weakest and the write-up was completed I found a new weakness in delivering the information to approximately 30 faces of women I love and admire, which would expose vulnerabilities that only makes me feel weak; when I need strength more than ever.
Emotionally, being in a weak state; the day-to-day issues of life often come crumbling down; and the reach out to for assistance; isn’t something I feel comfortable doing.  In the past, when I have reached out for assistance; it has only seemed to ruin my relationship with those I have needed from.  It is really strange because I have the never-ending feeling to give to those I love without keeping a scorecard.
The main thing is the most  important part of my life has and always will be my relationships! My relationship with each person in my life is not just an occurrence; it gives me the opportunity to retrain my mind to use ALL my ideas to be the person I want to be with no attached conditions.
WE can do this!  Life is against us a lot but there is a higher power who is on our side.


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