Ladies let go of MEN who bring you down; PLEASE! WE all deserve better!! I am guilty but not EVER again!

My daughter Marisa is amazing; the past few years she has dedicated her time and energy leading others to find their faith in God because finding her faith always brings peace to her heart.
1God believed in her so much; God felt she was the “one for the huge job,” I was amazed each time he gave me the blessing of watching her in action. Marisa and her best friend Luis directed the 2015 St. Matt’s Teen A.C.T.S. Retreat.
imageGod joined these two great leaders he knew would work perfectly together; he knew they had the wisdom, determination; and strength to select their powerful team who would make a forever difference in the lives of many.

God believed my Marisa would make a difference to a group that consisted of his most important people; his youth.  

The most beautiful part of it all; is that he would give me the opportunity to watch her in action; me, her mother.  I can’t tell you a greater feeling; as I watched my daughter spend her last few years in high school giving her positive energy and efforts to the Lord; and during the toughest times; she remained faithful. God gave me the opportunity to experience as she intimately shared an emotional spiritual journey to a group of young ladies; it was emotional but even more inspiring.  Does my Marisa realize she has inspired me to share my journey with seasoned women as well; little does she know how her faith is still moving mountains; and will continue to live on as more and more people continue on with their faith because of her time to share her faith.

She is beautiful, inspiring; and she gives her positive energy to those who need it.  She is full of love; loyalty because I have shown her we stand by those we love; everything she has done; I have been there right next to her; even if I was just a cheerleader; offering support of encouragement.
How can someone I have shown so much loyalty to allow a love that is anything less than that?  I told her and showed her that she deserved the best; but maybe I failed in my example.  Allowing her to witness a disrespectful relationship I allowed.

I have learned; grown; and realize after deep soul searching; but I am sure she is left with a lot of confusion.

If someone is supposed to be on your side; our number one… and they aren’t there for us, they are absent for many of the important parts of our life; to me; their interest isn’t about that person.  What are you achieving in this relationship ?

You find yourself forever being manipulated; by always hearing a sob story; which leads to others feeling sorry for them; and that is when they learned; they can get what they want from those who care too much.

You tell them how you feel hurt; but they only want to play the VICTIM of every sort; it’s what always works for them.
imageAnd the clueless believe their stories because not only are they also being manipulated, but all they know is how to be a simple pawn in a hurtful game because they too were hurt by another.

If you are making excuses for this person again and again; and this person no longer lifts you up, that is when you know the chapter of your story with them is done.

If two years goes by and you don’t know if you can count on that person; or you don’t trust them; you probably shouldn’t.
Life is too short to wait around for a better side of that person to appear.  You need to surround yourself with someone doing the same great things you are aiming to achieve; so they can encourage you and lead you to always accomplish bigger and better differences in this world.  They should respect you the same way you respect them.

I think one thing I can’t stand is DOUCHEBAG Behavior, you know the one that only comes around when they are a PENIS.
They leave after they take what they want; and could careless if you again find yourself looking and feeling like a fool as they blatantly ignore you outside in the real world. NONE of your emotional needs are met by this person; except maybe some cuddles before the Penis part.

You can’t trust them; because they have lied too many times; and then they still can’t own up to it; but make excuses as to why it happened; which usually has to do with how unfortunate their lives have been.

People who have really experienced a “hard life” laugh; because their idea of a hard life; is getting everything handed to them by their parents who work hard for them; to give them the best education and all they need; but instead of feeling thankful; they continue to blame their parents for their own human mistakes.  It is always someone else fault; and each time they hurt you; here they come running with a new excuse!

You feel embarrassed at times because everyone can see it,  even you!

Please ladies, Love you!  You are worthy, you are magnificent, you have a ♥ that cares,  and you’re a good woman!  Do NOT give ONE MORE opportunity to any DB behavior or any man who makes you feel like a fool!  Find a partner who makes you feel like the greatest Princess you are!

For every lie you find; there are more that you haven’t found or hasn’t happened just yet!  Trust your instinct, the real instincts; the one that is wise and has come from experience, and not some school girl crush instincts. Don’t believe false ideas like the manipulator that gain an addiction from the excitement that that love is all about feeling those intense feelings that come from infatuation; and then once its gone a few months after the initial period it’s own to the next one.  Infatuation is exciting; the person is new and exciting; the fireworks are discovered once again.  ****NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE

Another important thing ladies, Don’t allow anyone to be disrespectful to their mom or your mom; that is only the proof you will never get the respect you deserve as well. If a person doesn’t acknowledge and show respect to your parents or family, and he walks in the house as if nothing; he takes what he wants and disappears again accept this truth!  One day a father may not be so forgiving and he may learn his lesson the hard old fashion way, which could include a shotgun!

The real awakening moment though is when they try to blame you; divert the issue; make excuses because that is when you realize there is no shame in their game; it is who they chose to be!!!!

For any dumb broad who feels like they have won a cheater, it’s only until the next one comes along…
I’d hardly consider that a winning!

And remember my dear daughter what I told you, he doesn’t understand your kind of Love, so don’t feel bad as if it wasn’t accepted or good enough; he is a skateboarder who travels by foot,

he has absolutely no clue what to do with a Lamborghini like YOU!

Michele Renee

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