LET Go Of Labels, Take Full-Responsibility, Self-Reflection, Stop the bad, & Feel the Power


~Feel lost, have been incorrectly or falsely accused, have been abandoned by someone I love, have been lied to by someone I trusted, have been hurt by another who was supposed to care, have been cheated on by a love that wasn’t true, struggle with depression, struggle with allowing my spirit and energy to be depleted by fear which zaps moments, days, years from my life, have allowed fear of tomorrow to disable me today, deal with rejection, have been discouraged each time I was not selected, and I have been denied something important to me.



~will not whine; will not feel helpless, won’t allow myself to be unproductive, lazy, and weak.


Cry; but preferably only with myself~ it’s necessary to let “it” out, it’s good for the soul.  Will work DAILY on moving to a new direction, and find a solution EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Will Stop complaining about “it”; know that sounding like a broken record only highlights ~I am still making the choice to allow “it” to “OWN ME.” Will always remember that it is perfectly OK to “LOVE TOO MUCH,” must also remember I can want “IT,” with ALL I HAVE, but somethings just can’t be forced; and shouldn’t have to.

There are Evil people (well one for sure) 🙂 that live with hate, they have shown motives to mock and annihilate me, for no reason at all; I will be damned if I give them the satisfaction of EVER seeing me fail.

But the truth is, focusing BLAME on someone else for all the ways I have personally felt screwed; is unproductive.  If I truly give that much control and power to another soul; it is not surprise blame will most likely focus energy using mockery, hate, ridicule, and demeaning any threat’s existence.  BLAME focuses energy on bringing another human being down, because blame feels such intense feelings of bitterness, anger, sadness, and madness.  ***NO OTHER~Soul makes you miserable; the soul itself chooses misery.


The more effective approach would be working on the self; understanding why, when, and where a “Label” was allowed and held, forever obsessive thoughts on your next battle with the “perpetrator” when all along; the true perpetrator lives inside the soul of the self.

EVERYTHING that needs to be understood by my soul here on this earth will eventually lead me to the truth; it will only be found through self-reflectioninner workings, and self exploration.  My purpose is for continuous positive self-growth and self fulfillment; this is only possible inside my soul with my spirit and the Holy Spirit.  I hold the answers to all I need to know and with God’s love, I am complete.


Giving anxiety the power to take away from NOW !
Overindulgence of food, codependency,  drug addiction, alcoholism, and all the other obsessive activities we focus on~ to not focus on what we really need to.
It is very easy, more guilt free, and often accepted by society to focus and obsess on being a workaholic and work-out-aholic and it is not healthy for the soul.
Ignoring personal physical and emotional needs, blaming others for all the labels that the soul has clung to~

I am in control; I deserve respect; and any person who doesn’t give me what I deserve I will give them a chance once, twice, but then it’s time to move on; as the bible says…

Titus 3:10 As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him ONCE and then TWICE, have nothing more to do with him…


Recognize personal self-destructive behaviors so work can begin for ELIMINATION!

DO NOT allow anything to poison your body and soul.

Start to love the self; Love so deep, Be Protective, let the last chance…  BE THE LAST CHANCE! Let go of self illusions and fantasy that are a dream/wish~ but not reality.

EVERYDAY know the SOUL is full of Power! Enthusiastically, go and find what the soul needs and deserves!
Michele Renee

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