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Sadness be gone; Smile stay

Life just keeps moving~

Today Is one of my favorite days of the year…. Halloween!!!


Tonight on Halloween I am feeling cracked, crazy, shattered, but healing; lips not as full as usual but still burstin with red venom, …I feel red freakin hot!!!!!

heeheehe Happy Halloween!

Lately I have been a bag of emotions writing one of the most emotional blogs I have yet thought out (coming in approx 3 weeks); spiritually preparing to make a difference in retreatant’s lives. If anyone reading this has ever been to a retreat; you know the feeling.


Excited, nervous, and anticipating my next mission.

Life with the kids is amazing as always, they keep me laughing, and light-hearted. They make my days feel as If I am drifting angelically upon heaven on earth. πŸ™‚



Young and free



Life in love~~~β™‘

ALWAYS interesting, exciting, humorous, and a story tale of it’s own magical kind; something words could not begin to capture.

I am blessed with a man who lovingly is very supportive to all the many sides of my personality.


I still have a “difficult side” to my repertoire~ as many would never believe πŸ˜‰ ; remember, I am still dealing with my inner demon rock~ 1cm kidney stone. **hopefully the last I will ever pass or electronically blast. I am thankful for my family for giving me the best love of my needed kind.

Tonight I went through some funky depression with it being the first time in 18 years I have had a Halloween with-out my kid/s. A little difficult for a person who has played mommy role year after year during one of the greatest times of the year~ Halloween.

I love Halloween, I love the excitement, very initial… creative process of the CoStUmE. Getting it going with the kids is amazing; carving pumpkins, scary stories, listening to Thriller in the van while driving, the friends, the friends costume~ You didn’t know they had it in them :), the drive to the Tracks, haunted house ventures, and scary decorations. The walks in the neighborhood to the point where you walk back and the kids are worn out of their little hyper butt’s, and you smile because well maybe you at least burned off some calories in that trek… Only to find the calories have multiplied by midnight after seeing all your favorite candy right in front of your very eyes.

Bummed time passed fast for scary anything; OMG we can’t do this… we can’t get old. WE need to plan earlier for next year, or we can just makeup for it tomorrow and celebrate Halloween AGAIN! LOL; just kidding; we may carve pumpkins but we can’t go trick or treating!

Life is what it is; what we make of it! I continue to VoW: I Michele Renee vow to always laugh at life; even when it gets serious, painful, and hard. I vow to always count my blessings and even more importantly to remember who is responsible for all my blessings.

Family really is the most important thing in my life; the ones who stand by you and love you unconditionally! The ones who always include you and never could forget you. #Blessed
Michele Renee

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