Women, YOU are invited!!!!



2015 St. Matt’s Women’s ACTs Retreat, November 12-15 REGISTRATIONS Forms in Administrative Bldg; or I can email you one 🙂 

Tonight during mass at St. Paul’s the Lord asked me to send this invitation out just for you. If you are reading this, it is NO coincidence.  Jesus is calling you.  He misses you, he wants to spend time with you, he loves you and wants you to know your relationship with him is worth it, you are worthy.


Jesus isn’t begging; he already knows who will attend this retreat, even before YOU and I know…He wants you to know he is excited and waiting for your special time together. He is yearning to connect with you and illuminate your soul.

Daily we are kept busy, days full of stress, often hurt, guilt, blame, so many negative emotions that drain us.


If you are ready to be healed there is only one true healer…

wpid-lnpinx5tzp.pngI had a calling to send this because…
When it came around for me to attend my first retreat as an adult, work got busy, I felt guilty, I couldn’t leave my team, guess what my closest friends on my team all came up to me as I sat working at my desk (they had both been on retreats) and told me the devil will do all he can to change the mind of a soul who is about to connect with the Lord, he will hit every retreatant in the ways they personally would find difficult or make them doubt this is a good time…over and over up to the very day of the retreat. They pointed at all my work, all my files (caseworker) and promised me when I came back none of those files would matter.  They said please believe them,, and don’t let anything get in my way.   They were 100% correct!


Every retreat thus far, one of my kids gets sick, he knows my personal weakness is my kids, guess what they all get better before I even get back.  I come back a new mom; a better mom who has found some much needed peace, a wiser woman, a person who feels a new understanding of love, a new me! My kids, spouse, and I deserve to be the best we were made to be.


Don’t let anything on this earth come between you and Jesus!  He deserves your time too!


Michele Renee

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  1. My first retreat as an adult was some years back, I was asked to attend a men’s retreat it was paid for and on a whim I simply said yes. Many of times in the past I would be asked to go to a concert paid for of coarse, I was usually just company or a last minute replacement and I would simply go… It was that mind set that pushed me towards saying yes to the men’s retreat with the notion that if I could do it to attend a rock concert why not something that would surely edifying my soul and stir my spiritual man. Pot of Gold was the name of the place and it felt as if I had found a treasure that till this day I can reflect on and know that I was at the right place at right time. I remember brother Bell and his sermon and how he stared at me directly through most of it and I stared right back and never flinched, never felt uneasy or upset thankfully at a very young age my spiritual eye was open and being reseptive is the only thing to do when somehow someone is giving you instruction on how to be a good man… God empowers us all with free will but even more profound is the fact that he knows our heart so well and knows our expecteted end. God’s intentions are always good and He desires to have a personal relationship with us…

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