Love why do you have to be so complicated, you sexy beast!

Love is …


Love hurts, because we are humans who make mistakes, so when we do and we hurt people we love or they hurt us, it really is one of the worst types of pain.  I know it’s easier to stay uninvested in another, choose to live without love, then to risk the idea of getting hurt in it again.

Love is so amazing, uplifting, and really gives meaning to life so we always have the urge to find it again,  even after our spirit was crushed by it before.

I know one of the main struggles was spending so much time for so long believing that being supportive would one day result in trying to fix all the issues I had in my previous almost twenty year relationship; we were both broken; and together we felt better by focusing on the other’s broken pieces, so we didn’t have to face our own.


There comes a time when a person finally decides they want to start again they are ready to create something beautiful and take all the risk with someone else; because somewhere they have come to the conclusion; this other person is so worth it!  Life with this person is just the way you want it to always be….

It doesn’t just easily flow from there, if only it was that easy; often times when we decide to make the change and allow a new relationship to develop… HELLO, our old enemies come pay us a visit… all our old past hurts and fears; we start second guessing, we begin to feel fear, and we forget the truth that exists.  This is the time when we need to have faith; release the past~


Know and remember just how everything fell in place naturally, it will continue to do so, accept the present. Laugh, don’t stop laughing at the confusion; and DO NOT STOP AGAIN!!!!!  LIVE this moment; don’t force a thing; be content with knowing EVERYTHING in our life happens because it is supposed to; and God is on your side.  When you invest in LOVE, you invest in your life, create your future with the person who makes you happy.


Many times I have blamed my current partner for all the feelings I held onto that my past partner created.  I believe God send us the people in our life we need, we don’t always know what where the road will lead to or develop into but life won’t stop just because we choose to close a chapter. Relationships are not easy, they require effort, understanding, patience, and love from all involved.  If the relationship makes you continue to grow, gives you comfort and peace in your daily life more of the time; you will find the hard times easier to battle with two strong forces united, unity always=Strength!

Michele Renee

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