Consumers…Think before you spend it!


My phone service Sprint got me upset today.   It really made me think long and hard all morning; specifically with it being the time of year it is, my favorite season~


A time of thanks, forgiveness, love, cheer, understanding, giving, and kindness.


Thanksgiving just passed one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday was yesterday, purchases are being made for all those people we hold near and dear.  During this time, I tend to think about all my relationships I have had in the past, I currently have, and those I want in the new Year! I tend to become highly sensitive to those who aren’t reciprocating the sentiment.


I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for YEARS possibly decades; I am huge on loyalty.


I agree I can be extremely hard-headed and once you cross me in regards to trust and understanding there is NO RETURN,  unless you care enough to MAKE it RIGHT, I am always forgiving and just as understanding.

a313ngqf6t-1.png I hold on firmly to my beliefs; and I am one to spread my EXPRESSION on every avenue possible; because lessons learned need to be made useful to not just fully understand; but empower others.


I am contemplating canceling my cell phone service I do feel sad; because my service with Sprint has always been about loyalty, importance, and worth to my understanding.


I find it demeaning that a huge company like Sprint would target prospective customers using their latest slogan, Best VALUE in wireless. While, I as a current customer am being made to feel like I am of little value to them as a consumer.  When does a company lose sight of devaluing their current customers because they get so focused on reeling in MORE customers with a purpose of saving a few dollars, rather than customer service and value? Do they really think people with their main focus on savings rather than loyalty will stick around?  This is why America is currently being run by business who are constantly fighting the battle to keep or win back their customers/former customers.  Smart, hard-working, and clueless this temporary band aid of “savings” is producing business relationships that are meaningless to all parties involved.


When did Spring forget the meaning of value?


Dear Sprint and Chief Executive Officer of Sprint Corporation~Marcelo Claure,



I honestly have been thinking about my cell phone today; and had a realization that I am feeling I would rather learn to do WITHOUT a cell phone, which I do consider my special little treasure, my technical baby.  I am never without my cell phone I am constantly saving phrases, quotes, ideas, photo’s, blogging, facebooking, networking, catching every moment of my day to create memories and caption my days to share life with those I hold dear.  I also have to take into consideration the truth; then continue service with a company who doesn’t value their customers all the time for the entire relationship.  We all work hard for our money; have little time to do the things we enjoy with all the people we love to do them with; so many times it is just easier to continue to give our hard earned money out of convenience to shut up GREED.


We as consumers really need to stop and take a bigger look at the complete situation; what are we allowing our country to become.  IT IS NO ONE’s FAULT but our own; yes we can continue to point the finger at everyone else but us, but it is our money that keeps these companies in business.  I refuse to continue in that pattern; and I will be more careful with my principles vs. my money.


We work hard for our money; and forget how blessed and privileged we really are with the simple things in life that our right in front of our face; and free.


It is easy to feel deserving of all we want; when we sacrifice our time away from our family working to make money to live.  I don’t know when that fine line becomes apparent how quickly it can happen that we are valuing our privileges above our principles; sadly, usually not until the point we lose both.

Principle a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

It has been months of dealing with a company… Sprint; who once cared; and made it known; to a company who is becoming a complete different organization; transfers calls to 3rd world countries is the fine example you could care less about a personal relationship with your customers; not to mention the read script that makes you feel you are talking to an emotionless robot. 




I will tell you one thing; I am huge on CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Customer Service alone is worth paying for; that human relationship; the fact that someone really cares.

While employed at USAA I received six “ECHO” awards for being knowledgeable, patient, an asset to the team, great attitude, professional, and a positive influence for the company; including the “Presidential Compliment Award” which was presented to me on May 1, 2000 for providing exceptional customer service by the CEO of USAA.

In a letter written to one of my former employers, Paul D. Raino, Lt Col. USAF (Ret) of Paul Raino& Associates Consulting for Organizational Effectiveness, said,”…she brings great credit upon herself and USAA.”  

February 14, 2000 received the Eccho Award at USAA for being helpful, knowledgeable, very patient, and an asset to USAA.

March 19, 2000 received a 2nd Eccho Award at USAA for being knowledgeable, courteous, and displaying a great attitude.

March 29, 2000 received a 3rd Eccho Award at USAA after USAA received a letter from a retired Lt Col from the US air force.  The individual who wrote in was the one who was on the phone; I took care of his policy (auto) and he was very appreciative as I was professional,competent, and displayed a service attitude that speaks volumes for USAA.

April 17, 2000 I received my 4th Eccho Award after only being on the floor since January my manager was amazed and impressed.

May 1, 2000 I received my 5th Eccho Award along with the Presidential Compliment Award, which is an exclusive award given by the President of USAA for providing exceptional customer service; this award was given to me during a ceremony.

EVERY HUMAN being is worth explanations, understanding, and time.  If you can’t give that while you are at work, it isn’t fair to you, the customer, or the company; move on.   Yes, the “little things” matter to people still, they really are the “main thing“; remembering the customer, understanding what a customer specifically likes/dislikes, what makes the customer smile.  Being as knowledgeable as possible about all aspects of your particular job so you can properly inform the consumer all their options.  Never stop working and researching on how to learn to do things more effectively on the job; easier, and better. Employees should take pride in the company they work for; so they can respectfully represent how the company can and will serve the customer.

The only way we will be able to strengthen our community is by strengthening our local business and venues; we need strong knowledgeable leaders, managers who will then lead all employees to that same direction.  A great team will always demonstrate excellent service.  The service a business offers to our community is the voice of our city, a breath of fresh air to our visiting foreigners, and the heart to our locals.

When a person feels valued; they will be back for more; and will bring more business; they will tell their friends and family.  

Brian Simmons Owner of Infinite Bounds Gymnastics and Day School~today, Infinite Bounds Training Center was a great mentor to me about customer service.

I managed the front office there in Plano, Texas for a couple of years.  Mr. Simmons taught me when any customer walks in the door; the first thing they would see is my face I set the mood for how long they stayed, how comfortable they felt; and if they would tell others about the center.  He is an amazing business man because the customer mattered; people would come in for information and it would be me who would determine if they would be back.  People want to feel welcomed, valued, no matter who they are; how they are dressed, and what they have; and they ALL deserve it the same.

Even fellow employees want the same respect.  Do NOT disrespect a fellow employee in front of a customer if you can’t trust each other; they will feel it and will NOT trust either of you. Employee’s should empower, guide, and help another improve the quality of the work day.

Remember hold integrity high, hold onto accountability, and keep positive the customer deserves it.   You will find your business has a the greatest team; which will always lead to more revenue.

I make it a point to have a huge friendly smile on my face no matter what I am personally feeling when working.  For a moment it is just about me and the customer.  When the customer is happy, they tell other’s; word of mouth is the strongest and most effective advertisement there is…

and that is when the relationship develops. 

BUY LOCAL, SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS,  you know the ones who still give a damn.

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