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I don’t know if I’d consider myself a diehard fan of anything really… with the exception of competition with my own mind over matter.

I just know if “something” seems “hard to come by” not just something anybody can have, or if it seems only an “elite group,” which of course is the most passionate in my book… I am interested.

I do know when I make a decision to do something, I do it, and the more the challenge seems impossible the more enticing the finish line looks.

Tonight I went to pick up my daughter Marisa from the best place to work on the planet according to her, Bahama Bucks.

Princess with Sprinkles

A few doors down is Dona Tota, it was about 10:30 PM and several people started setting up outside the store as if they were having a sleepover right in front of the highway. I got out out of my van as I waited for Marisa and another employee Devin to close with interest of what was taking place. 30 minutes prior I had been soaking in a hot bath for relaxation, my makeup smeared, I had my flip flops on, I was ready for bed; I got out with interest and read the sign on the establishment.
Celebrate Doña Tota’s grand opening with free beef, cheese, and bean Gorditas, 3-D art, and a year of free food for the first 52 guests.

Starting Wednesday … Hey that’s tomorrow at 9am- on the Access Road off the northwest 410 loop, between Bandera and Ingram Exits. #MxMx
Are these people going to wait here till tomorrow 9 am?

I looked at the 7 people in front of me and said to myself “I’m gonna do this.” I knew I wasn’t prepared, I knew I would need to scrounge anything I could to keep me comfortable from my vehicle, I knew my daughter would both laugh at me and back me up 100%!
I knew Gus… My other half would be a little overwhelmed with the fact he wouldn’t get to cuddle his one and only favorite gordita, but again I knew he had my back because he knows when I make up my mind about something, in the end… It’s all about finishing.
And so my night began…

Something about the colder weather gives an intensity to the much anticipated finish, almost a feeling of a hunt, the expectation of the near end with a sprinkle of survival of the fittest.

This really is no survival show though considering my wonderful daughter brought me back hydration drinks, blankets galore, and my comfy slippers and there to charge my phone for me in my car….all the while shaking her head!

One thing is for sure some of my most stupid off the wall ideas has led me to the most interesting people. The type of people I’m drawn to, full of passion and the most interesting adventures to share and keep others entertained.

On the side of the highway I bonded with a few other die hards, funny, entertaining and full of passion in their own way. Edward was there for “his girl” a friend, can you imagine doing this for someone else just to make them happy. Jennifer and David are my new compadres, I actually miss them already. Watching “As Seen on TV,” dreams before my very eyes… And listening to casino dreams becoming reality.

And our little drunk friend who showed up after too much fun at Wurzbach Icehouse, who arrived, passed out, and woke up excited finding he too would be getting free gorditas for the next 52 weeks.
All the while his boyfriend was passed out in the car he forgot to turn off so we assisted with locating jumper cables after asking tons of people… After this kind of bonding you get that “NO ONE left behind attitude! ”

I think the most beautiful part of the situation is, people who hear, see, or know will think you are crazy and maybe you are. You sit there for a purpose and everyone’s purpose is different and often times has very little to do with the “prize” at the end. It’s the support you get from those who don’t quite understand why… They are your cheerleaders in this life though. They will cheer for you, encourage you, and do all they can to support your mission even though they see it as completely ridiculous. They offer to take extra responsibilities so you will succeed or they just go out of there way to bring comfort to you in anyway they can. The support from the supporters is probably the best part of the whole gig. This is the time when you find out who your own true diehard fans are… To the farthest known galaxy in the universe and back~ they are there where you need them at that particular time in your life.

And in the end… I get to eat FREE gorditas once a week for the next 52 weeks/year! Yes, to me it was worth it!

Michele Renee

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