AHA,I love learning and I love teaching!

Growing up I have always been told; “You would be an awesome teacher…”
I remember always playing teacher mainly because I wanted to write on a chalk board; which are no longer in existence today. image

I began student- teaching 3rd grade while in high school, as an elective. I enjoyed being in the classroom; I fell in l💖ve with the children😄I felt every one of them was my genuine offspring, so I thought! 😂
My love for the kids led me to teaching preschool while in college; i almost always was assigned the “toddler room”; because I have always been seen as the one “full of energy” and most likely to be on target right along in my own toddler spirit. image

  I do admit I am awesome when It comes to showing patience with children.   My life continued to bless me with the opportunity to teach in a variety of settings. I have taught gymnastics to adolescents. I have taught 7th grade Language Arts at Garcia Middle School.  I was full of energy, ideas, I felt so motivated I began to question if I could see myself as a teacher. I knew I couldn’t imagine myself being stuck in a classroom all day; it just seemed boring to me, so I refocused. 

My career path shifted; I then found excitement as I began investigations for welfare fraud for the state of Texas. I then obtained by insurance adjusters license at USAA; where I was awarded numerous awards. I learned and perfected my obsessive Compulsive Disorder organizational skills as I proudly managed the office for a Gymnastics and Day school.  I worked hard to obtain my degree at UTSA in Psychology, and at the same time got my certification to teach… because it was always my first plan. 

I loved Psychology and Social Work it led me to  learn about life and all the different lifestyles imaginable as a Family Safety Services  Caseworker for Child Protective Services.  Each job I have had; I have loved and enjoyed; but I always felt the next job after was definitely where I needed to be; as each stepping stone was a step further to the place where I would make a bigger difference.

I found myself at San Antonio Housing Authority; the job was amazing in how it taught me everything I needed to know about public housing and how it works for our community.  I then spent my time at Haven for Hope but only for a moment; which seemed like a blink.  I got ill while there with my kidneys.

I arrived at Haven for Hope with so much heart; imagination; I was ready… Ready to make a difference in our community.  God stopped me in the process; he wanted me to make a difference in another way at this time; so I followed.  I took time; regained my health, strengthened my faith; and then shared my faith with others.

I have been recently been given an opportunity to see if I am the fit for a school where I would teach 8th graders.   8th grade is that turning year; where you are saying goodbye to middle school and about to dive into high school.   The job I am interested in will be teaching Career Explorations.   My AHA moment was tonight, because one of the first things I would want to know about my class; is… WHO ARE YOU!  I mean, how does “one” know who they are… How did I know, and how do I know today; unless we take some time to really figure out who we are at this time and place in our life; and a lot of times it changes.

WHO AM I?  I have been through a lot of training in career development and in the psychology of asking such questions… but being able to practice and teach what I know to the 8th graders of our community; woahhhhh that is some confidence the Lord has in me.

One thing I know for sure; we all need a job; unless we are born with money, or we are taken care of in some way by someone with money; so financial difficulty is not a problem…. Most of us have to work; and we need to think about our strengths our weaknesses and take that into consideration when we think about the kind of money we want to make to provide for ourselves and our family.  One thing Haven for Hope showed me; it really is not difficult to become Homeless… every person reading this could be; for most hardworking people you are maybe just a few paychecks away from being homeless.

One key to the beginning … RESPONSIBILITY!  WE need to give our children something to be responsible for; we can’t make anybody in this world do what we want them to do; it is up to them; but we can encourage and show them through example.

I know this job is meant to be for me; because I am positive; probably one of the most positive person’s you would ever meet… I believe in every soul; and I know there are many young souls who want to develop their leadership skills; they just need to know how… I have a vast knowledge about the world I live in; I have worked in all kinds of situations; but these kids don’t know; they think their life is the way it is everywhere.  The young people of today need to discover the world in every way they can; and if they can’t go see it; we should try and bring it to them.  They need to prepare their mind, body, and soul for greatness and that is how they will become a success.  I don’t know if I will get the job I am given the opportunity to talk about in the morning; but I know I am going to keep my mind on this blog because my thoughts mean something; and I will make a new difference, because I feel ready to.

Everyone was right; I teach everyday…. not always in a classroom 😉

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