A different type of BFF

I saw your post in early February when you first posted it, and felt compelled to respond. But for some reason something always came up, a few sentences then…mommy duties called, a few sentences almost done…delete , nooooo. Then, I got a new job a few days after and I was overwhelmed. Tonight was different, tonight I finally understood why fate kicks in and stops things when we don’t even understand why and no matter how many times I attempted to comment on your post, I backspaced too many times.

When the time is right we will if it was always in the cards. The truth is the comment or message would not have had the same meaning if it were not sent today!

I would find myself getting sad when I would look at your beautiful pictures with your mom because I know a young kid lost a mother who to this day and especially today needs his mom.  I see her pictures and I feel familiar with her as if I know her spirit, I recognize it in you and your daughter. I know our loved ones who have passed on to eternity  sends messages to us in too many ways, this is one of them.  If you stop and pray you will see more messages clearer.

Today I told my class … we are all humans we will all make mistakes some will be extremely stupid but its how we learn and  when we do learn we don’t keep making the same mistakes. Its ok to have a bad day, step out of character if it means we learn and grow, what we do and say has an affect on other people whether we mean it to or not. Therefore we must all take notice of our weaknesses so we can conquer and achieve an even greater spirit. Only we know what the world doesn’t see. We are all contained by fears, at different levels, but whatever level all fears are lies! Don’t allow any fear to keep you down.
Lift yourself up no matter how hard it is, how much effort it takes, don’t stay down, don’t !!!!!

Life is at its best when everything has fallen out of place, and you decide that you’re going to fight to get them right, not when everything is going your way and everyone is praising you…


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