Grandma Mira

One of the persons who is the closest to me would definitely be my grandmother, my father’s mother. My grandmother is in her eighty’s has life in her with very little gentleness, she will not step down quietly not for her family.
She is a true woman who tells me all the things I don’t want to hear


and sometimes is the only one brave enough to  tell me exactly what I need to hear. She has stood by me along with every bad mistake I have ever made and won’t let me forget it. She beats me with honesty and it hurts, a lot of time it hurts. Whether it’s her truth or mine she fights for love and what she feels is right. My grandma is from a different time, and everytime she doesn’t understand, she tries ,she tries, and she keeps trying because she wants that glimpse of truth that she lives for, and all that she has done has a part of what’s right. When I am down she is the last person I want to see but the first person I think of. When I do what’s right she’s the first person I call. My grandma is the one who just doesn’t get me, when all I see is myself in her soul. My grandma completely gets me when I see she will fight death for those she loves. My grandma is my nemesis and my kryptonite. I love my grandma more than words could ever say.

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