19 Year old daughters…Happy Birthday Marisa <3

May 30, 2016 Marisa is 19 happy

So, Gus and I have been talking about your birthday for weeks now and well, you know us and our creative minds… you can only imagine 😀

one of our conversations was:

Gus:  I have an awesome idea how about we give Luis and Marisa a night out; I will get them passes for a movie and clean the van real good; and chauffer them to where ever they want; places and treat them like you know their the shit; I can even wear a chauffer hat and we can make a big deal about them. awwee

Me: Omg we are thinking along the same lines we can make a big deal open their doors, too bad we don’t have a fog machine we can make smoke when we open the doors for them.

Gus: Well  we can smoke a lot 😀

Me: Ya know babe I don’t really think they are going to want us taking them places…

I know we can be over the top and embarrasing (Gus upset I knocked his idea but more).

gus n me

We finally decided we were going to make dinner for you guys.  When you all were to arrive we were going to treat you like the celeberties you both shine like,  ya know the “Power Couple of 2016.”

Marisa’s favorite, Steak, macaroni, her favorite Hawaiaan Rolls; and of course drinks.  Miley was excited dressing up in her favorite outfit ready to ask for autographs, we would be catering to the celebs that we were blessed to have in front of us.  Once they enter… it was camera flashes and the theme~ Darkened room, Kendrick Lamar tunes and excitement… LOL


We spent our day excited and preparing for the event which was hard because everytime we called you, you all just got done eating LOL So we said; its all good, it really isn’t about US; its your day…we will make her steak later, we still ate them and enjoyed them in your behalf 😉

Plan B they will enjoy cake and beverage; along with their favorite snacks. I had printed out a few of my most favorite pictures I would  display of the POWER COUPLE OF 2016 throughout the house so they could find them and laugh; which would include pic’s I swiped from social media



All in all we had fun planning; laughing but even more importantly was Marisa had an awesome birthday; which she hasn’t enjoyed the past few years due to empty promises made by another.  Her birthday early morning she came home looking a lot like this…

which apparently only comes from true happiness

and in Marisa’s case whipped cream and double stuffed oreos

marisa 9

I love you I hope your 19th year is as awesome as you.

Mother Madre, Gus, Tater tots,and Mymy

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