Rick & Jeannine Tune 25th Wedding Anniversary!!!


Rick & Jeannine Tune

Attention everyone! (Spoon to wine glass)… clink, clink, clink…

I would like for everyone to welcome the wonderful Rick and Jeannine Tune celebrating 25 years of marriage today!

The “Bride” and “Groom” song begins~

Traditionally, in formal wedding ceremonies the toast is given immediately following the meal… The opening words are so important because they set the tone for the rest of the wedding ceremony.  During the celebration; 2 very close family members of the bride and groom shared their sentiments~

In honor of the most-awesome Bride and Groom~ these two~loved~ones started the night with a heartwarming~Toast;) 


Below is a copy of the sentiment that was written and shared during this beautiful 25th Anniversary celebration~by Marisa Rodriguez 

My beautiful 1st child~Marisa
Marisa gives the first toast to the bride & groom

Love is a four letter word. Love, holds great meaning~ to some more than others, and I would definitely say that’s the case with this lovely couple who I, and many others call Auntie and Uncle Rick.


Lots of us wonder, if soul-mates exist. When you see Uncle Rick and Auntie together, you can feel the depths of their heart, a heart so passionate that together their dreams still continue to become a reality 25 years later.Their love is an extraordinary love, the time and commitment they put forth ,that’s when you know true love exists.
I may not be a “Garza” woman, but I come from the family line. So don’t take offense when I admit that many would say that we can portrayed as bossy women. Think about it yourself. We want things done our way because we know it’s the better way to do it. We can be stubborn when it comes to compromising, and as it may seem we want to take control. It takes a special kind of somebody with patience, love, AND understanding, to want to play with that kind of fire, and it takes an even stronger person to let go of that control. To give all the selfless love it takes, it takes someone who is far from weak, it takes someone with intelligence, to work hard for someone & somethinglove” so worth it. And that is when trust and respect for one another is created.

Thank you Uncle Rick for loving my Auntie in a way better than any of us would’ve every imagined.

I know I don’t know everything you all have been through, or struggled with. But, there was a hard-time that they went through that I do remember, when Uncle Rick had a near death experience that took a lot of repairing, mending and even more love/faith. My mom remembers that as one of the hardest times that Auntie faced, when she had to become the strong force for HER rock. It’s funny how weak you seem during those times, but in actuality your strength is being shown in the best way. The strongest love is love that can be demonstrated when you are the most fragile.

The truth is it takes a strong heart to love, but it takes even the strongest heart to love after the struggles.

Some may look at the two and think, what do they have in common?


Uncle Rick he’s brass and bold, and then there’s Auntie she’s prim and proper. He loves fishing, hockey, the Cardinals, and he’s from St. Louis!

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Auntie she likes to read, politics, forensics, her “shows” all the way to Oprah to Jerry Springer, and she’s from San Antonio!

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The truth is, these interests may come and go, there is one that has never changed for them both, the interest they hold in Each other. Don’t let them fool you!

They are similar in the way that they love people.


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Both of them would stop everything they’re doing to help a family member or friend. They both work hard in their own ways to make sure their loved ones know they are remembered and thought of. I don’t ever remember not receiving something special on my birthday, or a graduation, or any of my special days. They have personally showed me the significance of being thoughtful.

The way they care for people and always keep an open mind~


Auntie and Uncle Rick don’t have any children, but they have nieces, nephews, and god children.


And~ I know we can all say we have thought of them as the cool parents at least one time in our lives. We’ve told them things we haven’t been able to tell our own parents, we’ve had crazy summers of swimming, and eating junk food.

Or having tea parties


in bed while singing Britney Spears

OR staying at the Emily Morgan hotel

Press this if you want to know more about the history of the Emily Morgan Hotel

all while doing gymnastics at 3 am while the ghosts haunting us~~ adds to the excitement.

And I know Uncle Rick has his own stories with the boys. And if you want me to write&toast about those times Uncle Rick, take me to more Cardinal games. 😉



Uncle Rick and Auntie, they are the kind of couple that will want to know your favorite color, and will remember. They are the couple that is easy to laugh with, because they just get it. and at the end of the day they’re the ones you just want to chill with.

So in all the ways you may think they are different, there are more ways they are alike.
And this glimpse that you see on this very day isn’t just for the occasion. Because for 25 years we have witnessed that look they continue to give each other, they choose to fall for one other everyday. The days that they drive each other nuts, and the days they always have the others back. Marriages fail so often nowadays , it’s easier to fail than to succeed. But when you have two people with a familiar heart, a heart unlike any other, you’re going to see something rare, something different, something unique, we’ve all seen it, their love!

 He is hers, and she is his.

I know this is the longest toast you’ve ever heard, but this is the way we do it. Please raise your glass as we share a toast in celebrating 25 wonderful years of marriage for Rick & Jeannine Tune, and many many more years.


Time for cake



and spending time with loved ones…

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and Auntie& Uncle Rick never allow their guest to leave empty handed… a few goodies from the goody bags <3



The end……………………………

                                                                Well, you will hear the rest at the 50th!


Thank you Uncle Rick ! For all the love you have shared with me, my kids, and especially my auntie!


Thank you Auntie for giving so much meaning to the name “Auntie”, and for taking care of Uncle Scoots 😉


This has been a Mother- Daughter Collaboration!   fb_img_1471640779485.jpg

Michele Renee & Marisa Ann

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