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Jay Tomas, my handsome Son~

Jay 6th grade

My JayJay is a True Gamer


his heart and soul has been made to game.  

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He is very passionate about his gaming; when he was little he would get so upset he would start yelling at the game like a mad-man; he actually scared his friends he would play with and they’d end up leaving with fright in their eyes as they went home.


 Jay has come along way with a lot of helpful reminders from his stepfather Gustavo… 

Jay the game is supposed to be fun, something you enjoy; once you start getting angry that is your first clue it is time to log off and take a break.

No Anger Allowed in the man cave 

I was so proud of both Gustavo and Jay when I began to notice the difference in his “online behavior,”  Jay was happier; and I couldn’t believe when I heard him mimicking Gustavo, when his friends anger took over while gaming and to this day it makes me proud when I hear it… in his “chill” voice…

“Bruh, it’s just a game!”    

He has come along way in his maturity and always strives to be his best; always showing improvement in all he does.

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When he visits us here on earth; it is the best treat ever because he is the sweetest soul ever!!! He is hilarious makes us laugh NON-stop!!!



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And he is very helpful and knows exactly what people need to make them feel better. 

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Being raised with 2 strong-willed sisters, he is always told how he must treat women, he is told to do things for them because he is going to have to do it for a girlfriend one day 😉 LOL But he gets pampered and waited on by us too!!!! He is the perfect little testosterone filled gentleman to our awesome female power!!! We love our tatter tots, thatos, our JJ…always my cuddle bear even if he doesn’t want to anymore!!!! 😉 

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The best thing about Jay is his kind loving heart =)

I am beginning a project about and for my son~  Here is the beginning~ 


I think sometimes we need to know that we really matter to people; I am not saying matter; as in …. yah life would really suck without you…. You really make a difference in my world more than you would ever believe or could ever even imagine.  It really is complicated to put into words the level of importance, having you no longer around wouldn’t be like someone just pissing me in my corn flakes if you were to go away…  my life would never be the same; in fact; I wouldn’t want to live a day without you by my side.

In need 

The reality of making it through it day without me,  is not what I need to hear about; I don’t want to hear about how you will get through; I mean I know you would.
The truth is,  I want to know that it would be harder for you to want to get out of bed; because as soon as you eyes open you think about me; and you would feel sad knowing I wasn’t there or would not be later.  The truth of days being full of sorrow because I’d be missed, the way I make you laugh and smile like no other person on this planet; and how I have an infinity unique ways you would remember and never let go of.

We wonder where we stand, what meaning we hold

The truth of being gone is a long list of things we never really think about; but the truth is… we all want to know that the way impact a person’s life we love makes all the difference.  We all want to know that we would truly be missed…. we all want to feel like we alone pushed that person we love to be a greater version of themself; and it is even sweeter if we knew it was just for them …. They want to know that you would hate to face a day knowing that would be gone, knowing they would forever miss you, the way they looked at you; and how they would never ever again look at another the way you looked at them.
Sometimes; it is hard to ask for what we need ; especially when it is a child; and they just don’t know how.  Children will often rebel; act out, and all they really need to know is that they matter, are worthy, and make a difference in your world that brings love.  Don’t ever let the opportunity pass by to tell your LOVED one what they mean to you, we all need to hear it , even if it has been said already; we need to hear it, until we believe it.
Don’t waste your time on the … “how they would be in  a better place,” they don’t want to hear about what they aren’t really asking about.  They don’t want to hear about how it would be sad for others, especially because they are aren’t asking about others; they are asking about YOU.
If they are asking you, it is because they need your love and a reminder that you are EVERYTHING in their world, maybe most likely because you are everything in theirs. xoxoxo
My Children our my world; and today I am thinking about my son…


I’ve had crushes; boyfriends, and even boys I really liked who made me believe life would not go on without them.  Every love has been different, differing in strength, quantity, and quality; but no one can ever win that spot my son has won; he hit it big on each and every level; and no other male has ever made me fall in love so deeply as my one and only son.  The way he looks at me, every unexpected smile I caught, how he looked for my approval with each accomplishment and every visit to success, and how much he loved me just because I loved him first…


This is my boy, my one and only son,  his name is Jay Tomas~


Jay is so handsome; he has the sweetest eyes, a one-of-a-kind beauty mark right by his eye


the cutest nose; and hair to die for….. but my favorite thing about him is that he is the sweetest boy I have ever known…


Jay was my chubby “compact” baby who loved to laugh and smile all the time; his eyes were always disappearing… because his smile took up all this whole face <3

Jay was the most adorable baby and toddler,

he was a cute kid and presently he is in his first year in middle school and is my handsome little man.

 Son’s need mothers to remind them of the truth.

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