Feed the brain and dance with purity


We are forever changing, we change in mind, body, and soul from the minute we are conceived to the day we take our last breath. Who we are at this very moment is determined by both our past and present; we change our minds with new knowledge and understanding.


I have always been determined to understand how the mind works and all the different ways we can manipulate our minds to change my own way of thinking. The ability to change my own mind and its way of thinking in a completely different and new way than it had been previously conditioned to; that is amazing. If I really have the ability to change my thoughts why would I ever choose anything other than happiness? The plain truth is that our thoughts create what we think and believe to be our truth; why would anyone pick anything other than happiness?


The real issue is that we have to actually get to that point where we get our mind to become more pure. Letting go of all those thoughts of fear, is hard especially because many of us feel we are leaving ourself vulnerable. The ego can be very strong at times; we really have to fight the ego to shut it down; and when the ego is gone; we aren’t fixed on being right; or protected; we are just comfortably pure in heart and mind. While in college and studying Psychology; I found myself obsessed with the brain; I felt the brain was everything; even more than the heart;


because our brain determines the beats of our heart; but the argument will continue as neither can live without the other. Think about this, we need to really work on our brain to change our heart. The problem is, people expect other people to make them feel what they want and expect others to take away those fears that they don’t want; don’t depend on anyone else; it is not their job to work out your salvation.

Back in the old testament; the word heart and mind was interchanged; meaning when they spoke of the heart; it was our mind~ the center of our being. The scripture tells us that the heart of man is anything but pure, in fact, it tells us the human heart is wicked. We learn that a change of heart is necessary for salvation. We are told if we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts, we can be saved; why then would be not want to work on making our hearts pure. The heart will show us the way!


We are all born equal in many ways; but unequal in many ways as well; some people are born and are able to acquire all the earthly goods they desire; while others struggle to just get basic needs met. If you have been on both sides; you will know there is a difference and sometimes even with more money comes more problems and more greed. The greatest wealth is contentment.


The greatest gift in our world is health; we can have all the possessions we want; but they have to be replaced before we even realize it; and we can’t enjoy anything in this world, or work for what we want if we don’t have good health. I think it is very important that I begin to realize I need to take care of my health; self-care is us, taking care of our gift. We need to take care of the body, mind, and the spirit.

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”


WE also need to keep relationships in our life that help us grow; and help us achieve a pure heart. The best relationships are those that hold faithfulness.

Everyone has their own purpose; if your purpose is to make orange juice; you will never get it from the apple tree.


So many people hold on to guilt; or they want to hold on to a person who they think owes them something; they stalk; or will continue to keep that person alive in their own head even if it is in a negative way. This is not healthy for your soul…


It is not your job to save anyone; you are not put on this earth to be in charge of anyone’s salvation but your own, don’t hang around fools you feel sorry for; thinking you can change them.



Everyone who is on our life; that we have any type of relationship with can teach us something valuable; and we can teach them what we need to; as well. We must continue to learn; and never ever think we know all there is to know on any subject.

I find it very offensive when people assume; that any further education is not important; and that people who have gone to further learning are blessed by being “book smart,” they seem to believe it is all about memorizing answers and spitting them back out on a test.


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