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Son’s need a mother; so they won’t be a DB!


A son needs a mother to remind him that he can’t always get everything he wants; how am I supposed to expect Jay to appreciate his belongings; if it’s so easily given/replaced to him. A son needs to learn what gratitude feels like; and that is something that isn’t given in a pretty wrapper; it is learned by receiving those things that have not come so easily. I bet if mother’s thought about it this way… a girl who gives easily or only after it is earned; who do you want your son to settle with? Grateful people smile to be alive; and happy with life in general. If you give your son everything he wants; he will expect material things to make him superficially happy; and continuously look for the next fix; he needs to find happiness in the relationships he holds and his life events.



Mother’s should not give our sons everything that he wants or demands. The truth is; many parents feel they have to give, give, give; overindulge try to give their son whatever he asks for. They feel guilty if they don’t; and others feel so guilty for other reasons they feel this is how they are making it up to them. There are so many mothers who jump in the moment they feel their son is in a battle; they don’t want for their son to fight they want to protect in every obstacle. Our son’s need to learn to figure out how to overcome; how will they if we don’t give them the opportunity. It is very important for mothers to allow their son’s to work things out on their own; so they can learn about the process in making decisions; and what is important as well as that our son’s have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. It is a better idea our son’s learn as early as possible. Our son’s need to learn to be resilient to the ups and downs; it is what life is about.

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.

We shouldn’t give our son’s rewards for everything they do; especially those things considered their responsibility; not everything in life gives you a reward; and we shouldn’t be setting up our sons to believe that lie. We should allow them to work even when they are tired; as it teaches them to keep working hard, no matter what you keep going; you don’t give up.

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Our son’s should get up off their butts and help out when needed; they need to know they are needed; and play an important role in this life and yes, sometimes it is what they can do for others. If a boy is concerned with others; not just himself; he will be one of those stand up guys everyone loves.


We need to teach our sons it is ok/human to make mistakes; but it is necessary to take responsiblity and not pass the blame to anyone else. Many men; find it difficult to see their own faults and will blame someone else for everything that goes wrong. If he can’t admit his mistakes; how will he work on fixing those mistakes? I think it is important that my son feels like he has practiced enough to stand up for up himself; and others as well. He should care about lifting up another spirit when he see’s that someone is feeling down.



Son’s need to know that they are forgiven; and worth forgiveness. They need to know that so that they can forgive others as well.


My Jay is not spoiled at all; he has and continues to do without quite a few things he wants very badly. When he is gifted; it is genuinely appreciated. He cleans up his own room, he sweeps; takes the trash out with a few reminders; and works hard and makes good grades. He doesn’t really ask or expect anything; and I know he has quite a few things he would love to have.

Happiness is not the absence of problems it is the ability to deal with them.

Son’s need mothers so they won’t be a doucebag; and self entitled prick!

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