Stranded on the highway; what do we do…

Gus and I were driving home when all of a sudden our car turned off right in the middle of the highway. It was just after 2 so you can imagine how scared we were knowing all the drunks were going to be on the highway we would be walking on to get to the gas station.  The gas station wasn’t far and I knew we could do it; but the racing cars; honking; yelling at us because they had Brew Bravery.  I don’t think I had been in a situation where I had felt that v ulnerable in a while.  As we stepped out of the van; in just a few steps where it finally died out; we both looked back at the van and noticed the billboard; that read, “Think God.”  We knew we needed him with us; and we knew he was with us; because he gave us the sign; at that very moment; I thought about how terrible our day had been already.  Gus and I had a court hearing that was pretty stressful; sometimes it is easier to let people just disappear; but sometimes it is about the principal of the situation; and you know you have to stand up for yourself and others. Then we had a situation with someone who we have had a good relationship with the past 4 years; our landlord. Then, end the night getting stranded; I knew after all we had been through already; I was NOT going to allow this to shit on us.

We walked to the closest IHOP; and ordered omelette and Pancakes, and the AC was broken in the restaurant; so we had a “picnic” and ate on the access road.

wp-1477817406870.jpg wp-1477817406881.jpg

The great thing about Gus is sometimes he can be so funny; so making me laugh is the way to my heart; and when he isn’t being adorably cute; he can be a smart ass making me laugh.  ğŸ˜€


We didn’t pay much attention to the rain; because we were dancing under the rainbow~


Typical Gus, when we went to gas station to get oil; he got water to stay hydrated, he got peanuts for iron; and banana’s for potassium.  He wouldn’t leave until he was sure I ate mine.

typical Michele, got to the gas station and ~


WE set off got harassed by a bunch of drunks; scaled some walls, LOL and made it safely back


I couldn’t stop laughing as we walked; I walk very fast; everyone knows that so I was a few steps ahead of him and I would look back and there was typical Gus, who doesn’t believe in wasting food; shoving the remainder of the Omelette in his mouth; I couldn’t stop laughing.


It is all how we think about it; and this was one awesome date. <3


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