Pulling an American

Pulling an American” is a new phrase that has been added to our linguistic word/phrase bank meaning~ doing something stupid, like when America chose Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Yes, America; this is our final choice…


I would never consider myself a “Political type” I would prefer to talk about almost anything else before politics.  I don’t know when it became a huge turn off to me, but I know it had a lot to do with realizing no matter what I thought, the rest of the world who I had absolutely no access to was going to continue believing exactly what they do or have been and in the end I would most likely be highly disappointed.  I don’t know too much about our President Trump except that he is an exceptional businessman; I know that he has really had no previous experience in Politics; so we basically picked a president to run our country who basically has no what he is doing; and won this campaign because obviously, neither do we.

I don’t understand American’s so many will back up the argument that many jobs are taken away from American’s; many business lose money to those business outside our country like Mexico and China; but do you continue to buy AMERICAN MADE ONLY products; how can that be; aren’t we the consumer?  Trump himself has his clothes line where his winning bidders are often the outsourced oversea vendor; not to mention his line is almost exclusively produced in China and Bangladesh.  Ivanka jewelry and shoe line is also produced from China.  So, I don’t think in reality that any wall will be built; he can’t even keep himself from using other countries for what they have to offer.

After watching his acceptance speech I was left shaking my damn head… this is who we voted to be our President….  I call this speech, “The Where is Waldo Speech…” he basically spends his time not only looking for everyone he can think of; but also tries to get another to take over so he doesn’t have to speak anymore.

after my disbelief; I will admit I cried all day; left sad and somber; especially after seeing Hillary concession speech… after being defeated :'(

and that at the end of the whole day; it dawns on me

OUR FIRST LADY goes from Michelle to hell….





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