Holy Spirit Adoration

Holy Spirit Catholic Church 8134 Blanco Rd , San Antonio, Texas 78216

Tonight, both Marisa and I were feeling sad, alone, and confused.  We know down to our core, we have each others back, we know we can actually count on quite a few who love us and pray for us; we are blessed. 

It doesn’t matter though, when this feeling is strong and alive, only ONE can take it away… Jesus! 

We cried on our way here, we drove and the Lord even put on our song as we arrived… The Best Day 

Perpetual adoration ~ 24 hrs  like an emergency room for the soul. Believers and nonbelievers who need to believe in something… You are welcomed! It’s like a refuel stop for the soul. Currently 3 of us are here, my daughter, writing, crying, but 100% wholeheartedly believing. I am here feeling a peace I haven’t in a very long time, I am clean in my body and soul… It’s been a tough few years, but I’m 100%full of faith and although I don’t know where he is taking me, I know I am ready! Another here, gracious in her ways, just reading with the Lord by her side. I love you Lord, tonight I pray especially for my loved ones. I pray for baby Marco who just had brain surgery. I pray for Gus, Kaitlin, and Luis celebrating birthdays this month. I pray for my grandma Darling who joined you back in a November too many years back. I pray for my daughters & only son~ strength and guidance. I pray for elders that they will continue to guide me with wisdom and knowledge. I pray for my friends, especially those struggling like Vero and her little family. 
I pray for me Lord, take away any desire I hold that isn’t good for me and my family. I pray that anything that prevents me from doing your will or even that distracts me will be eliminated from my path, taken away by you Jesus who carries all the burdens of this heavy cross for me. 

Thank you Jesus for perpetually being at my side, tears, anger, frustration and all; you carry me until I can walk again. You have showed me how powerful faith is! I know you got me, I know you got us… Thank you! From the bottom of my heart to the top and all the spaces and chambers in between thank you Almighty for being so strong and giving me a little of that strength when I ask. Thanks for proving to me you were really inside my heart, and that you made me and loved me way back in my baby years, and thanks for living so strongly in my kids. 


And reminding me through them to stay on your path… I love you my Father, His son~ Jesus, and fill me fill all of me Holy Spirit! 

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