Happy Birthday Gustavo!


Happy Birthday Gustavo; today is your special day; and you are a very special man, love, faja, papichulo, you are so cuddly like a newborn baby, but then you are bad ass like a beast on beastmode when I set that button.  You are perfect for me 😉


We have been through a lot the past almost six years; but we know we can count on each other; and we know that no matter what we can be open, honest, and forgiving to each other.  I am thankful we haven’t really hurt each other in any way that would forever have an effect on our respect.


My days with you are so colorful; you keep me entertained really no need to buy tickets for any theatrical entertainment ever again.  I hope my spirit brings beauty into your life the way you do to mine; and ours.  I love that I can count on you to be by my side; and on my side, even when you are completely frustrated with a few of my ways.


I wish I could buy you all the great things life has to offer; I wish I could shower you with all the manly toys dudes totally dig; but for now I can only give y0u what i currently have my love and undivided attention for 24 hours; starting now…. I am all yours 😉 let me know what you want; I aim to please; and we all know I mean business. 😀

Thanks for being a superstar in my sky… I love you completely!


Michele aka cabrona with the pompis




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