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Sometimes, A little humor in life, and a lot of God is what helps to get through life, find out what works for you and do it!

In just the past few days…

We had an extremely emotional issue in our family.  One of those earthshaking, we will get through this, we are strong, we are united moments…

As many of us do during times like these, we overlook a few things as we try to figure shit out. Our new puppy Bino had his way in our home (woohoo they didn’t  put me in that damn crate)  shitting around the house a few hours while we were occupied, then a moment of realizing we have allowed the car battery to die…. it’s what happens to us in life. Hard moments get even more difficult when it really isn’t what you need.

I know better than to go walk on/in anyones yard, especially at night… it seems more and more people are either sick of thieves, punks messing with their property, and just waiting for one to cross the line, some are looking for that one opportune moment~  a valid reason to shoot someone, and I am sure the media’s drive to put fear into our minds and those of everyone in our community plays a huge role. “Everyone lock your doors!”

Get them, before they get you! 

78213, home of the Lee rebels, Colonial Hills Elementary, Dellview Elementary, West Avenue Elementary, Jackson Middle School, Nimitz Middle School… it was my hood since 1980. Back when Academy was Target and we would skate that whole area. When Sprouts use to be Pen Foods and I walked home from Dellview street crossing that Cherry Ridge Bridge… my friends  all in back of “the castle…Malibu.

Lively, Storeywood, Briargate, Shadowbend, Moss Rock, Trudell, Pilgrim, Wayside, Arroyo Vista, ya know the streets….

Our streets are definitely getting less familiar physically and emotionally. I grew up around here and could knock on any of my neighbors doors and they would do all they could to help, in fact they found pride in helping a neighbor .
I called the cops a few days back for what seemed like a vagrant messing with my neighbors  property I watch out for mine and my neighbors!  However it seems  this street continues to ignore each other and struggle as the thieves take more, and we disconnect even further, and then complain our Dellview neighborhood has gone to shit.

Back to the night, I have one neighbor phone number, we messaged him 2 times before we called the cops, i messaged him once on “Nextdoor” to let him know about the events. Nextdoor is supposed to be an application that keeps neighbors informed and so I thought to help take back our streets.  The only other option, a few days back our dog got out through a crack in our backyard gate and we were called by a man who wanted to give the puppy back. It was our neighbor 2 houses down, he had helped Gus with a vehicle issue, Gus took him a small token of gratitude, he returned our dog, one would think he will help. I asked my daughter if she still had his number on her phone, since he called about the dog. When I  called he seemed willing, I asked both my daughter and her boyfriend to come with me as I didn’t think I should go alone, and Gus was occupied.

Marisa asked as we walked why we all had to go (innocent mentality) I explained it would be better since I was a woman calling a man, and you never know how other stranger women could take it…  even if we have lived next to these people almost 5 years, and I knew and was friends with a previous family member who had passed on… wonderful lady by the way.

As we walked up I heard a woman scream at a man, “You are gonna let HER use my cables!” within seconds he came out looked disappointed handed my daughter boyfriend the  cable’s and said please bring them right back. The lady came out angry 😡  yelling not to call ever again and delete her boyfriends number off my (pointing at me) phone.

We were 😲 shocked and speechless as we walked away, I broke the silence with, “ya see some “bishes” be hating,” no one laughed we had already been through the emotional wringer and had nothing in us.

After a few days I saw her and I  was angered.

I don’t care what she’s been through my daughter nor I deserve treatment like that from anyone. I hate to say that is the way it works though, and I am thankful I  was extremely somber that day because that lady can’t go around treating people like they are trash because my temper gets the best of me too.

Immediately,  bad vibes…

It’s  the fight in me…

Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.

Lol my humor once more, The truth is there is a lot of women and men who don’t respect themselves and especially not their relationship…

People actually pride themselves on this behavior so when we all know a few it is easy see anything that we don’t  know as a “threat” even if it’s  completely not a THREAT,  just some random person of the opposite sex needing help … 🐉from a fellow neighbor; those dragon- lady tendencies come out. You see the threat and it can be some woman who don’t even want your man, but as we have all seen before there is more than a handful of women who give the rest of us a bad name.

and they seem to get more desperate with age, but they need and crave the attention of a man so bad, they will flirt with any testosterone entity within feet of them, they are handing your man his tacos at Bill Millers… lol (inside joke) this older woman is all sweetie, honey with Gus until she finally sees me in the front of the van this time… that sweetie went to Sweeties… business like real fast like Drake 0-100 real quick!  The other day I was at a Valero (lol) won’t say which one… and I always take forever to figure out all my snacks… she flirted with all the guys that went in… I was amazed at how many workers went in and asked how her and the boyfriend were, she was sharing her business with every male who would listen.

I always joke, a shoulder to cry on becomes a d***to ride on…

Or that getting your man alone will bring you that kind of happiness…I will tell you what if you take him, someone will end up taking him from you, Real men can’t be taken!

I will tell you what I  am blessed with a relationship that consist of us as best friend’s,  sometimes we don’t like each other much lol but that doesn’t last when you can’t live without laughing with one another, when we miss talking, hanging out, sharing love… everything I need I can get for myself including jumper cables! No penis in this world is worth losing the respect we have, and the respect I hold for myself.

Lol so I then started feeling sorry for the woman, I talked to my daughter and explained we don’t know her story…. or his, but it sure as hell ain’t me!

Tonight,  there was some domestic violence that ended in a good Samaritan death at our local Walmart…

And I am left thinking even more about my neighbors who don’t want to make eye contact, the hate and fear that keeps us divided…

And then I remember all the other kinds of people who live here in my city, and in my heart…those who are always there for another in need, and like the man tonight …whether they know them or not! Some people I know were put on this earth to be heros….those who live to protect, soldiers, SAPD, SAFD, CPS, APS, good Samaritans, they are among us.

During tragedies and during our darkest times is when we see our stars.

I will always feel strongly about communication, my writings, my blogs, your support and advice … it is necessary for change. The most powerful tool for change is and will always be EDUCATION!

I spent a lot of my teen years involved in revenge, my heart is completely changed but I  never forget where I  came from or where I  have been. I am made up of parts of all where I have been and who I have been with…  Don’t worry about revenge Good or Bad, whatever you do will come back in one form or another; that would explain why the earth is ROUND.

In the end you will see who’s fake, who’s true and who would risk it all for you. And trust me, some people will totally surprise you! I know a pause button would be greatly appreciated in our life, but we don’t have that option, so sometimes we got to slow our own self down, and change our own mind. Don’t be  afraid to let people in… a little at a time, baby steps. Dont be afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

Don’t go through life, grow through life!

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