Not ridin solo again

When does everything in our daily lives become such a task? Why do we allow our minds to dread the necessaries? I grew up telling myself if I have to do something I am gonna have as good as a time I can possibly have getting it done, and those are some of my favorite moments.  When did it just become better to do things the “easier” the “faster” wayWhen did we stop enjoying each others company and start leaving each other behind?  It is all the in between moments that makeup most of life! Why do we stop laughing in the aisles and stop riding the carts?

I think life is about enjoying every moment you have, there shouldn’t be fun day Friday, Sexy Saturday,

and Sleepy Sunday 

We should do all those things everyday if we are blessed enoughto be able to. Have fun with your family now! I waited around too long and did everything alone for longer than I wanted. I do regret it I really do all the time being a mommy solo, don’t make the same mistakes over and over….learn! Only take those with you on the same climb. I never want to feel I am holding another back from anything, I would hate to feel I have chained or kept another soul…  

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