Saddness, Fighting, Surviving, and Winning

Certain times in life we are reminded of the past and similar feelings will resurface… Pain, regret , grief are a few of those difficult feelings that never seem to completely go away, and sometimes the feeling seems so alive again you realize it hasn’t even faded. A time comes when you know it won’t ever go away, some times are just easier than other times on how you cope or simply survive.

Tragedy comes in our life, and sometimes we feel like a beaten spirit that has nothing left; you don’t care, nothing matters anymore, there is no drive inside to do much of anything … you find yourself at some point forced, forced to keep going, like a repetitive cycle forever continuing. You begin your days knowing you have to get up, you can’t just sit there anymore or you will continue to get run over. Some days you find yourself on a better course, and you still just want to do the bare minimum just enough to survive. You can’t though, God wants you to thrive! Find that place where you get better.

Everyone wants to win, but if winning were that easy we would all be winners; and most likely not appreciate the thrill from the win.

The first thing is you have to prepare to win, if you aren’t preparing you aren’t ready to win yet. The preparation is key, it is the best part of the win. Everyone has it wrong, they think that the big moment of the win is going to be at the end with a shiny achievement that will give them the trophy of peace and satisfaction; and that is all they need. It is during the struggle, during the fight, during the preparation that make up all those moments of our journey to the win. Who coached us, who trained along side us, who beat us to teach us, and who never left our side. Who were our cheerleaders… and it is ok if along the way you see a brighter path with a different view of a different prize… cuz you may just be taken out along the way to a different place previously unimaginable.

The beauty is, that we can All have it all, we can all achieve anything, we can all have everything but we each have to take action and go get it. We can’t and won’t be a winner if we stop when we fail, we have to learn to forgive each other and ourself. Forgive, let it go and concentrate on the moment where you want to go, how you want to feel, and how you will make it happen.

We need to love one another, love life, and love ourself. If we don’t love the passion we will be weak and guess what, that ain’t winner material.

Don’t ever look at a mistake or a time of failure as the moment to give up, make that the time to begin! Every lesson has made you wiser, use those smarts to your advantage.

Go do something today that will give meaning to your life right now… repeat!

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