Poetry, Sunday night is in bleak mode


Life Sometimes it is just harsh! We learn that pretty early, usually from our siblings 😀 with love of course !

Lemons for kidney cleanse, Arnold Palmer that isn’t quite Arnold, just Tea for now but the sugarcane is real. All these feelings causing me to not want to feel.

I steamed cleaned the bleeding mascara from my face and covered my eyes to go to some other place… I cried with what my lungs would allow, mercy me, mercy me but then I remembered as I quickly grabbed the towel…

I am a fighter !

This cough from the seasons won’t  take me… If even On occasion my pollen pleas won’t set me free.
Feeling like Whitney in the bath I begged for some suppressant, you came in with the meds shaking your head as you poured the codeine with your wild presence. 

Wondering if your suggestion would be sincere, thinking of steamed parties in the bathroom, cough drops and ideas of relief from a trip to the hospital…

Instead all you muttered was how I was definitely made for Hollywood!

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