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Marisa (1997)some places her <3 has been

This blog is going to be dedicated to my Marisa to remind her of her strength 💪 and to smile… You have overcome so much; here are some of the things you love~ 😉

Raccoons and Little Bear get down as they play music to a beat of their own drum 🙂 dedicated to my Marisa we would 😁 so hard and watch this scene over and over and over… you will always be my little bear….This specific episode was first aired September 14, 1997; on the on 3rd Season, Episode number 30

Marisa would not watch E.T. till this day; she says he is scary !

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Marisa and my sisters would ask me to play this song over and over again in my car; they would all listen so serious; and ask tons of questions about Adrian; I would allow their imaginations to go wild…. My laptop is extremely old and what would take me an hour to do takes me like 2 weeks; so I didn’t put the complete song; and stopped when I was frustrated beyond belief…

The complete Song

I would ask Marisa when she was little if I should call Franklin the Turtle over for a sleepover since she enjoyed watching him so much; she would get so serious and say, “NO, MOM NO NO NO!” hahahahaha


Sleepover with Marisa !

This song will give Marisa nightmares; so she say’s ! So I always play it loud at night for her when we are driving 😀

even though Marisa’s mom loves to tease her just a little;) Marisa loves it !

this is MaRISA when her mom is NOT around 🙂


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