Make the right move, check …mate! 


I am continuously manifesting; I don’t know if I have a zillion different personalities or it is all just a complete make up of all the parts I  have been made of;


all the parts making me in the process, all the parts I am, the one and only!


I love to take pics of myself because it helps me remember everything I experienced, everything I felt; and I am huge on  digital creative memories.


I am always feeling different; sometimes I love myself,


sometimes I don’t;


but when I don’t I work on it.


I am always exploring; and my creativity is what has always kept my life interesting and in balance.


I am attracted to the same kind of people; people who are always exploring for the want of more and greater that they can be;


I love to encourage people and always push my friends to be a better version; and listen to their advice when they encourage me as well…

Sometimes the song is so awesome that I turn the volume way up; yet sometimes I look back and sometimes think; I gotta throws those lyrics away….

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There is something special about certain people who catch my attention… Something that just clicks in the soul between us~  and you wake up in so many ways you never knew…


When you are with that person they make you feel like you are just enough, and so much more; just the way you are!


The person is so drawn to you they want to do everything with you, they want you to experience all the moments in life with them. They can have an awesome moments but it was just “OK” if you weren’t there, they just want you by their side all the time.

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They listen to everything you say and want to hear more, all the angles of your brain…

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They know they will NEVER have you “figured out” because they know you are a constantly evolving forever changing being of significance that can NEVER be completely understood because your amazing ways are forever changing; don’t settle and stay stagnant, can you imagine if we always stayed the same; never grew, never improved?


Sometimes you see things differently from that one, but it is OK, just gives another angle to explore… You want to explore all of it, every opinion holds significance because you care to know this mind.  You want to know what the mind is feeling and it really matters when this mind is sad…You don’t interrupt them, shoosh them, or tell them to stop… Because you are denying them to share with you, peace isn’t pausing a disagreement by control with denial… Peace is created by understanding through effective communication. You talk and revisit, continue to respect their views even if you think they are not aligned with your own, because they have a reason for their important thoughts.

Something about their presence makes life wonderful, and makes you feel better about the person you are.

Sex without communication and respect is like visiting a glory hole … I will gladly put pins in a blow up doll for the same reasoning~ allowing sex to become just an anything and seen as a simple benefit. How in the hell can something so beautiful become so mainstream?


If anyone can easily have it, I don’t want it. The moment everyone else in the world becomes my equal in the eyes of someone who is supposed to see me as the treasured find…. Well…. NEXT!

I am for the one who adores me, watches me, studies me, wants to help me, wants to serve me …

I don’t desire the one who does it for anyone and everyone. I am special, I am more than the rest, that is why I am special to you.

The one who won my heart because he’d walk a mile to show me he cared in an exclusive way can’t walk a mile in the other direction for everyone else for their needs.

One of the greatest gifts of love to give someone else is to let them know you care to know whats going on in their head… Don’t ever shut up another soul. You should never have to prove to someone who doesn’t believe you should come first. If you feel trapped or stifled by someone take it as a red flag, the only person I would ever want to imprison is a person who finds my love an imprisonment that they never want to escape.

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