Happy Birthday to the King of my Heart!

2016 has been a difficult year, lost relationships I held near and dear most of my life, lost jobs due to health, lost cars due to lost jobs, lost minds due to loss after loss, lost faith due to lost hope; lost hope due to yet another loss…

but, then after the craziness settles just a bit; and you pause for a moment after feeling completely beaten minute by minute



Fight, Fight, Fight to please everyone… and in the process we learn we can’t trust all we see; but trust comes…

the Restoration


My King is bigger than any battle I have faced not just this past year; but my lifetime.  Here we are chasing after materialistic items; because they make us feel great; but then they have to be replaced; and what we wait for a lot of times becomes the next disappointment.  Why do we continue to chase lies; when the truth sets us free?

WE appreciate our military for our freedom here on earth; but the greatest king/soldier fought the biggest war for us… for our ETERNITY…


I don’t care what anyone received this Christmas; each of us has recieved the greatest most wonderful gift already.   Today our King was born; well this is the day; we celebrate his birth….


When I fall to pieces; he gives me strength to get up again and again; I get my strength from my Lord.   Thank you for being there when I am broken….

When I am down; he holds me; I don’t care how bad this world kicks my ass;

I will crawl to follow where you lead.

Happy Birthday Jesus!  I love you and will always remember~What What Jesus Do


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