Closing Chapters in 2016; 2017 is my year!

I recently began my job search after a while on hiatus; we have been struggling but family medical matters were in control in the beginning of this year; by mid year we learned how to cope, foresee; and as a family learned our own coping methods do’s and don’ts.

Sometimes the Lord puts a pause button on; even when we aren’t ready to pause; the more we fight though,  the longer it will take; the fastest way,  is to trust God; even though it took me 1/2 year to completely trust that message.   We are in such a hurry in this life; to do all the things we think that we have to do;  that are completely in the opposite direction of our true purpose.  If Jesus could pause his life for me, even while he had great things going on; he not only paused but then allowed his life to end for me; if you were the only person on this earth; or if I were; his will still would’ve been done.  THERE IS NO LOVE as great; no LOVE comparable to that of Gods love.

I have been taken care of financially by God’s grace; and our family has been getting by with odd jobs; hustling in the most positive ways.  😉 However; I grew up with a semi-silver spoon; and was able to buy most of anything I ever wanted; so the drastic life change wasn’t so much shocking but a little discomforting.   I have never been a materialistic person; but not being able to provide for your loved ones the things that they immediately need has been hard for me; so like most of us, I knew it was time to go back to work.  It seemed as if the immediate job demand was taking longer than usual; but I always tell everyone it is not about OUR TIMING; it is about Gods time.  God knows what he is doing; and I know that; and yet I still allow anxiety in!  Why do we continue to worry about tomorrow when God has already taken care of ALL of our tomorrows?  I told Gus you know how it is going to work; when God see’s it is time; I am going to have more calls than I know what to do with.

The calls are finally coming in, and so many are what I have been looking for in so many different ways; so I find myself praying. I am also asking for each of you  to pray with me for the guidance I need; and to help me serve my personal purpose here on earth.  The power in prayer is the strongest thing on this earth; when we pray; God works.

Today I spoke to someone who lives in a different time zone than me; she was a positive energy like myself; I could feel her warmth over the phone; as she spoke to me about the job and what it entailed I realized God IS calling; it is as if God is directing me to one of the greatest opportunities once again; in my life; could be one of the greatest yet.

The opportunity to spread the word of Jesus on a huger scale than ever before; it seems to be in his plan the last few years.   Last year I was given the opportunity to tell a portion of my story to a large group of women seeking support, answers, maybe just looking for inspiration, motivation, or a strong need for their lost soul to be reunited with Jesus; one of the greatest soul cleansing moments of a lifetime.

I created this website for an opportunity to connect with others on a large-scale outside of my current vicinity.  The name in itself; I wanted all to know that they could bring any sin to the Lord; expose all yourself to him; he knows you already; he molded you out of his love.  So many of us feel unworthy due to our mistakes; our sins; we don’t even like to think about some of the things we have done in the past. God asks us to obey his commands; and promises a spiritually blessed life to those who obey; I am a perfect example of this.  I know I am a sinner; just like you; but everyday I wake I choose to make the choice to do what is right; obey his command to the best of my ability; and I try my hardest to lead the people god graces me with in the same direction. Life; is hard but his blessings keep coming to remind me I am doing what is right; even by letting go of the easier thrill; the faster, tempting wrong path to feel great; I say, “no”; while I may not see my favor just yet; because it will be seen when it will be seen in the most effective way and that is in GOD’s TIME.

Reaching out and having a following that expands outside of this country; gave me the true insight of just how powerful the internet can be to me if I used it in the right way.   Stop watching and listening to haters; and keep your mind on the purpose; and every time I would forget… the ONE, would remind me; our Lord.

In the meantime; while God had paused my button; I found a greater new purpose in writing.  Writing has not only been an outlet for me to pour my emotions; it was an outlet to not only receive; but offer support to all those; my brothers and sisters who are going through similar situations.  It is often difficult to find support in our current networks when they don’t quite understand; know how to offer support, the internet has given many an outlet while also cutting out a lot of  judgement from the ignorant.   It has personally allowed me to use my knowledge to assist others who need it in all the ways the Lord has gifted me with .  I have learned to keep God with me on the daily; daily devotions; daily reminders; any situations; any concerns, any moments of “surprise” that come up; I know I am not alone; he is with me every step of the way.  If he is with me; it makes NO difference who is against me; so when I stop and put my own pause button on; I know to give thanks.

The only thing I know for sure is, as always~ I have been given a strong desire to produce; my mission of passion will keep me producing; I will continue to spread my message; his message; he is has given me~ the words; the eye for the picture; the voice; but even more the strong passion.  Praise to the King of kings!

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